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A Quarterly Artist Showcase curated to fit the seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn.

Our Summer Solstice Artist Showcase is:

This Summer Solstice Showcase includes 3 talented Artists: Featured artist Karen Redding, as well as artwork by Cayce How and Ms. Yellow from Pow Wow Long Beach! View selected artwork and read artist bios below.

In addition to fine art, there will be a vegetarian potluck, live music, and an opportunity to come together with community.

Karen Redding

Karen K Redding, is a fine art photographer, is a resident of Laguna Beach and avid world traveler. Karen’s background as a psychotherapist and dharma/meditation teacher at InsightLA, inspires a deep relationship to her subject and offers a reflective interpretation of what she sees.

Travels Through Humanity is the name of her growing body of photographic work, taken in remote places throughout the world. It has received attention in several art exhibits in Southern California.

This body of work, called AWAKENING, features compelling images of sacred places photographed in Sri Lanka, India, and the Kingdom of Bhutan. The work hopes to transport each of us to those sacred places that connect us to our essential Buddha nature and common humanity when we can meet ourselves and each other in a more kind and compassionate way.


Cayce Howe

Cayce Howe is a Senior Dharma/Meditation Teacher for InsightLA, and is a primary teacher at their Long Beach chapter. Cayce’s meditation practice and study spans over 25 years, including living and working for nearly 6 years in meditation retreat settings and participating in a one year retreat in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. Cayce has dedicated himself to assisting others in discovering the benefits of meditation.

He hopes that his art can support the direct realization of the true nature of all things- love.

Artist Statement:

“Art of the 3 Kayas

All of the art you will find is a combination of only 3 colors. The colors represent the “Three Kayas” in Tibetan Buddhism.

 Dharmakaya- Formless Realm

Sambhogakaya- Light, Energy Realm

Nirmanakaya- Form Realm

The art itself can be used as a tool for meditation, an entry or doorway to direct experience.

Each piece represents the dance between the formless realm of unity, the dualistic characteristics of form and the light energy that allows us to walk between the two.”

Ms. Yellow

Ms.Yellow (real name Nuria Ortiz) is an international muralist, artist, craftswoman and jewelry maker. Born in Long Beach, Ca of Mexican descent, she has dedicated her life to the creative development and empowerment of community and youth through direct engagement. Her goal has been to utilize her knowledge and help bring people together in using art as a therapeutic release. She has worked closely with schools, community centers, boys and girls clubs etc to develop workshops and mentorship to the youth.

As a muralist Ms.Yellow has worked with communities to bring colorful murals with dreamy color schemes and endless detail to the masses. Her works center on themes such as culture, sisterhood, education, unity, love and social justice. Her artwork and murals have been on display in museums, galleries, and streets around the world such as Spain, France, Mexico and Egypt.

Sacred Roots Gallery is a branch of the Sacred Roots Holistic Healing Center

located on Broadway Ave. near Temple Ave. in Long Beach, CA. Sacred Roots has a mission to highlight the conscious thought, conscious art & conscious approaches to health being offered in our local community.

To connect with Sacred Roots Holistic Healing or for a viewing of the show contact us by email: OR call: 562- 265-1810

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Past Events
Sacred Roots

New Moon Ceremony with Brook TUES JUN 12th, 730pm

May 25, 2018
June 12th 7:30-9pm $35 New Moon in Gemini Women’s Circle•Ritual•Sound Medicine In this all Women New moon Healing ceremony, we will gather as our ancestors did to honor our guides, ourselves, mother nature and Great Spirit. The New Moon is a time to plant the seeds we want to grow. The intentions we set on the new moon will grow and expand with the waxing energy as it builds into a full moon and illuminates what we need to bring our attention to or release. By combining our intentions with sound healing, we create the space within ourselves to bring these seeds to fruition. We will create a sacred ceremonial space, talk about the current energy, share our truths and infuse a ritual item to work with at home. Afterwards, Brook will take us on a healing sound journey with crystal bowls, drum, rattle, Indian Shruti and medicine songs to open our hearts to all the infinite possibilities and release stuck and stagnant energy that is no longer serving us. Everyone will leave the ceremony with an intention infused ritual item. Space is limited- RSVP required- Your space is only refundable if another woman takes your spot and you give more than 24 hours notice. No refunds for same day cancellations.

Plant-Spirit-Medicine Ceremony SAT JUN 16th, 430-730pm

May 24, 2018
Celebrating our femininity to protect our spirit: An encounter with Amazonian Peruvian curandera, Eda Zavala Lopez Join us for a two hour blessing circle and prayer where Eda will share prayers and teachings from her Peruvian roots. The circle will include an altar and earth prayer from Eda. In addition, each participant will receive an energy healing blessing from Eda. Eda will also share some medicine songs from the Amazon Jungle and create a beautiful space to explore the connection of Mother Earth’s wisdom and honoring the feminine energy within ourselves during these times. Bio for Eda: Eda Zavala Lopez’s mission is to follow Mother Earth’s teachings and walk through all over the Americas, from the South to the North and keep up the internal equilibrium remembering that we all carry an internal light that guides us to the end of the tunnel. She brings a very ancient knowledge from the Amazon and the Andes to remind us humbleness and sacredness. This drives her into this complex time. Eda holds her master teachers and her intention is to share and keep us informed about the importance of preserving the Rainforest Amazon and protect Indigenous Territories. Her mission is to serve Mother Earth wherever she goes and facing destruction, deforestation and pollution she encourages us to be more aware of why the Amazon is so important to preserve specially far beyond the shamanic purposes.  For more info about Eda visit: Suggested Donation $40 To RSVP: Email to RSVP:

Intro to Alexander Technique 5/27, 6/3, 6/10, 6/17 2:30pm

May 8, 2018
Drop in to one or all four introductory classes to the Alexander Technique and learn to observe yourself (physically, mentally, and emotionally), get rid of harmful habits, and discover the freedom to change. We will be exploring basic principles of the Alexander Technique, and building a strong foundation of awareness through gentle movement, hands-on guidance, and breath work. For more information contact Sarah Silva at:

Support Circle: Light on Grief 4th THURS 7pm

May 8, 2018
Introducing our newest Community Outreach: Support Circles! Every 2nd and 4th Thursday ….Connect with like minds and move through transformation with a foundation of Self Care and loving kindness.

Nutrition for Optimal Health SAT JUN 2nd, 10-1115am

May 2, 2018
If you have always wondered what you’re supposed to eat to be at your best health than this is the workshop for you! From balancing hormones to controlling inflammation this workshop will cover all the basics. You will leave the workshop knowing the 5 pillars of health, how nutrition is tied into each pillar, and the knowledge of the best foods to eat for optimal health.  The class will end with a food demonstration and samples to try! The workshop is presented by Amanda Sauceda, Registered Dietitian.  She specializes in food sensitivities, correcting nutrient deficiencies, digestive health and integrative nutrition. Amanda Sauceda, MS, RDN,CLT Facebook I Instagram I Twitter

Compassionate Communication 6 Week Course: MON JUN 11th, 7-9pm

April 20, 2018
6 Week Compassionate Communication Course facilitated by Rachel Bennish and Jenny Ahn Inspired by Non Violent Communication with Marshall Rosenberg Who is this for? *You want to improve your communication skills and develop tools for healthier relationships with family, friends and co-workers *You are seeking skills to empathize and deeply understand others and yourself *You want to become a better listener * You are ready to positively shift how you communicate with others and yourselves. *You want a deeper connection with the people you come across daily. *You want to be in touch with your feelings *You want to be in tune with your needs and how to express them in a constructive way. *You are a parent and would like to embody a new way of communicating with your children and set a new example for your family What to Expect: *Weekly exercises and practices to develop mindful communication skills *Understand your own feelings and needs as well as tuning into others’ *Interactive partner and group work *Sacred Space & Confidential learning environment *Develop skills to communicate with others on a deeper level *Re-evaluate old patterns of communication that are not serving ourselves and our relationships *Listen more attentively to others with compassion and empathy Cost + RSVP Info: $122-$166 (Sliding scale- This depends on your income. *Please pay the highest amount if you can afford to do so.) *Cancellation Policy: 50% refund 10 days before start date. No refund within 10 days of course start date.  Payment and e-mail confirmation due to hold a spot. E-mail Click here to Pay for the Course: Pay for the Course     Recommended Reading: Nonviolent Communication, A Language of Life by Marshall Rosenberg This book will give you a deeper understanding of the principles and foundation of NVC to enhance the games and practices we will be playing in class.  It is not necessary that you read or have read this book but it is highly recommended to read throughout the six weeks of class. Limited Spots Available 15-20 max.   When and Where: Sacred Roots Holistic Healing Upcoming Course Stars Monday June 11th, 7-9pm Six Consecutive Weeks 7-9pm ( 2 hrs) *If you plan to miss more than 2 classes, please consider taking this course at another time. Jenny and Rachel have been leading Compassionate Communication book readings and practice groups in the Long Beach area since 2015.  They are the co-founders of NVC Long Beach; the local chapter for those interested in learning, practicing, and sharing the principles and teachings of Nonviolent Communication. Jenny has been teaching yoga and practicing Ayurvedic medicine over the past ten years, and one of the co-founders of Sacred Roots healing center.  She has been actively taking workshops, classes, and studying non-violent communication and sees the value and benefit to her community.  She is dedicated to sharing the gifts of communicating empathically and becoming a more attentive and caring listener within her community, friends, and family. Rachel is a stand up comedian, actress, and comedic

Natural Moms Support Circle 4th THURS 7pm

April 19, 2018
Ready to connect with your tribe? We are opening our doors to all Moms every Second Thursday of the month starting May 10th! Guided by Sacred Roots Director, Jocelyn Fee Miller with an amazing rotating roster of Natural Moms! Connection. Healing. Community. #supportcircles #mompower

Intuitive Intelligence Thursday May 8, 7pm

March 29, 2018
Intuitive Intelligence: How to Heal Trauma and End Suffering The message is loud and clear. We are in the midsts of a conscious revolution. We are seeing political turmoil, natural disasters, & unprecedented gun violence. There are traumatic events surrounding us. This is affecting us at a core level, personally and societally. There are several signs that your body may be trying to process unknown trauma. If you are experiencing: Health issues or sickness Sleepless nights or waking up at 2 am Financial challenges or issues in your career or business Pain in your body that comes and goes Unease and Fear you can’t quite place Overall lack of motivation Then your body and mind are holding onto trauma. Learn the 5 easy step to healing emotional trauma, wounds, habits, and patterns so you can have better relationships, more abundance and find true happiness. Hosted by: Melissa Binkley Melissa Binkley is a humanitarian and activist on a mission to help society to transcend through trauma to a new level of consciousness. She is the creator and founder of The Intuitive Intelligence Academy™. She is Intuitive Intelligence™ Trainer, Certified Mastery Transformational Coach, Soul & Business Strategist, #1 Best- Selling Author. Melissa is a dynamic, highly sought-after International Speaker and Thought Leader known for her ability to transcend limiting beliefs, she uses several techniques that fuse science and spirituality, personal development, and the quantum field. In 2014, Melissa developed her own mode of Spiritual Transformational Process called Intuitive Intelligence™ that is changing the way coaches, healers, and speakers connect with their audiences and transform lives and heal trauma through this new healing modality. Melissa is a sought after speaker who has share the stage with Marianne Williamson and Dr. John Demartini and is also a teacher for the Institute for Integrative Nutrition teaching Intuitive Intelligence and Speaking and on the Advisory Committee for the Woman’s Economic Forum. May 3rd and 8th at 7 pm DONATION EVENT: 0-$10 ( No one will be turned away from lack of funds) RSVP:

Spring Equinox Artist Showcase FRI APR 13th, 6-10pm

March 29, 2018
Join us for our Spring Artist ShowCase at Sacred Roots! This Spring Equinox Showcase includes 3 amazing Artists: Featured artist Kate Macmahon, Christina Shurts, and Resident Artist Andrew Pisula. Enjoy Art | Music | Tapas | Community Visit our Gallery for more information on Artists

Sense of Self Meditation + Re-Alignment Sunday June 17th, 7-830pm

March 16, 2018
Guided Meditation, Sound + Chakra Balancing Reiki Workshop with Katherine Jackson. In this workshop, Led by Reiki Therapist and Meditation Guide, Katherine Elizabeth Jackson, you will receive a Guided Meditation, a Reiki Chakra Balancing and Sound Healing. You will leave re-connected with love and gratitude for yourself and others. Come heal and connect with those who want to do the same, this is a intimate, inclusive, safe space!” RSVP at or on Eventbrite: Sense of Self Meditation Contact me via email: $20 Exchange

Free Intro to Transcendental Meditation SUN MAY 6th, 3-430pm

March 3, 2018
You are invited to a Free Introductory Talk on the easy, effortless, natural Transcendental Meditation technique. Find out why it’s so practical and easy, learn about the scientific research on its effects for our mental potential, health, and social relations, and discover how TM is done and how it differs uniquely from other meditations both in practice and in its effects in our daily activities after the practice. Refreshments and a question and answer session is included. For RSVP , please contact Adile Esen:, or 760-305-2929

The Art of Making Medicinal Teas – Thursday MAR 22, 7-9pm

March 2, 2018
Making tea is a ritual that involves all the sacred elements – fire heats the water, we add herbs (earth), and the steam is the air. Taking a few moments out of our day to drink tea is an act of self care that allows us to slow down, commune with the plants, and nourish ourselves. This class will be sensory and hands on, helping us truly embody what we learn. In this class you will learn how to get the maximum medicinal benefits from the herbs. We will learn the two main methods for making tea: infusions and decoctions. Learning how to make infusions and decoctions is an essential skill for working with medicinal plants. Through sensory experiences and tea samples, we will learn about the various tastes of plants + plant energetics and why thats important for deciding which herbs to use. I will guide you through sensory tea meditations and we will tap into our intuition and the wisdom of the plants. You will walk away feeling empowered and inspired to make medicinal strength tea and to incorporate a tea drinking practice into your daily life. I will provide you with the tools, and then you can go home and practice. What to Expect: – Sensory tea meditation – Learn how to make herbal infusions and decoctions – An abundance of tea samples to engage your senses – Learn about tastes + plant energetics and why thats important for deciding which herbs to use and making tea blends – Take home herbs to use for self care tea rituals This class costs $40. To rsvp, send self investment to paypal: (friends + family) OR venmo: rootedinspirit. If you have extra income to support my work, you are invited you pay more than $40. ***Space is limited. Send in your payment to reserve your spot. Link to FB event page: About Nicole Rossi: Nicole is a queer herbalist who is following her sacred path of connecting plants to people. She is an educator and space holder who loves gathering us in circle to connect to our intuition, plants, and the earth. She is passionate about supporting us to create embodied relationships with plants so we can respectfully use them for healing. She believes we are all magic and we are all here on purpose with a purpose. ***Contact Nicole at to book her for 1 on 1 sessions, for herbal products, to inquire about her upcoming classes, or be added to her email list.
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