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A Quarterly Artist Showcase curated to fit the seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn.

Our Spring Equinox Artist Showcase is:

This Spring Equinox Showcase includes 3 talented Artists: Featured artist Christina Shurts, as well as artwork by Kate Macmahon and Resident Artist Andrew Pisula. View selected artwork and read artist bios below.

Christina Shurts

Christina Shurts has shown work both internationally and nationally. Most recent solo exhibitions at Galleri Oxholm, Denmark, Rare Gallery NY, Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design

Recent residencies held at The Collective, Barcelona, 2017 and visiting artist in residence at Mark & Daves, Nicaragua. Along with Catherine Azimi is collaboration duo, CitizenCaryatids. Shurts earned her M.F.A., 2010, CSULB. Her B.F.A., 2001 in Psychology from UC Irvine. She lives and works at Portuguese Bend, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA. In addition to her art practice she is an art educator at Goldenwest College.

Artist Statement:

Predominant in the current work is the overwhelming tendency to navigate that place of in between. There long has been the reflex to linger the line of abstraction and representation. Finally, now, mostly accepted as a given. The altar, between the great beyond and everyday life seems a natural kinship to the studio. That place I embrace the threshold of neither here nor there, but, maybe both?

Investigations show a repeat cast of characters. A narrative forms, it grows strong and easily a psychoanalysis of each character brews. Then, I lose the necessity to share found meanings. Abstract mark making takes over and relationships of color and composition offer reprieve from well meaning meanderings. I hope painting creates some grand thing,
a force in its own right.”

Kate Macmahon

Born in mid-century rural Orange County and raised on a citrus ranch, Kate
MacMahon’s creativity developed organically. Her childhood exposure to this
natural environment of light and color is reflected in paintings that have a
grounded, balanced quality.
Largely self-taught, MacMahon’s eclectic art education includes exploring
primitive and shamanic art, and her work is deeply influenced by her spiritual
beliefs. Her home and studio are in Orange, California.

Artist Statement:

When things are viewed with focused awareness, their energy is palpable.
Seeing something as opposed to merely looking at it gives allows understanding
and a connection with its essence. I invite the viewer to connect with the
structural beauty and clean edges of succulents and experience them as I do. I
see them as survivors, relics of a prehistoric time that symbolize my connection
with the natural world.
Using saturated color is another way I invite the viewer into relationship with my
work. Light is pure energy, colors are frequencies of light, and each color impacts
the nervous system in a slightly different way, creating a visceral response that
can bypass conscious thought.

Andrew Pisula of Vagabond Carving

After discovering bone carving while living in New Zealand in 2004, I returned home with a feeling of having direction in which I could channel my creativity. I made a work space for myself and never looked back. 10 years later, the time seemed right to start showing my work and exposing my passion to the world and I’ve been showing ever since.

I’m someone who believes in the magic of making things with your own hands. I wake up each day thinking of how and what I get to create. In my creative life, I’ve constantly grown and expanded the materials and techniques I want to work with. At this point, my passion and eye are drawn to large scale, wall hanging, wooden sculptures. My primary focus centers around the beauty and elegance of geometry and repetition.

Instagram: @vagabondcarving

Sacred Roots Gallery is a branch of the Sacred Roots Holistic Healing Center

located on Broadway Ave. near Temple Ave. in Long Beach, CA. Sacred Roots has a mission to highlight the conscious thought, conscious art & conscious approaches to health being offered in our local community.

To connect with Sacred Roots Holistic Healing or for a viewing of the show contact us by email: OR call: 562- 265-1810

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Natural Moms Support Circle

April 19, 2018
Ready to connect with your tribe? We are opening our doors to all Moms every Second Thursday of the month starting May 10th! Guided by Sacred Roots Director, Jocelyn Fee Miller with an amazing rotating roster of Natural Moms! Connection. Healing. Community. #supportcircles #mompower

Intuitive Intelligence THUR APR 19th, 7pm

March 29, 2018
Intuitive Intelligence: How to Heal Trauma and End Suffering The message is loud and clear. We are in the midsts of a conscious revolution. We are seeing political turmoil, natural disasters, & unprecedented gun violence. There are traumatic events surrounding us. This is affecting us at a core level, personally and societally. There are several signs that your body may be trying to process unknown trauma. If you are experiencing: Health issues or sickness Sleepless nights or waking up at 2 am Financial challenges or issues in your career or business Pain in your body that comes and goes Unease and Fear you can’t quite place Overall lack of motivation Then your body and mind are holding onto trauma. Learn the 5 easy step to healing emotional trauma, wounds, habits, and patterns so you can have better relationships, more abundance and find true happiness. Hosted by: Melissa Binkley Melissa Binkley is a humanitarian and activist on a mission to help society to transcend through trauma to a new level of consciousness. She is the creator and founder of The Intuitive Intelligence Academy™. She is Intuitive Intelligence™ Trainer, Certified Mastery Transformational Coach, Soul & Business Strategist, #1 Best- Selling Author. Melissa is a dynamic, highly sought-after International Speaker and Thought Leader known for her ability to transcend limiting beliefs, she uses several techniques that fuse science and spirituality, personal development, and the quantum field. In 2014, Melissa developed her own mode of Spiritual Transformational Process called Intuitive Intelligence™ that is changing the way coaches, healers, and speakers connect with their audiences and transform lives and heal trauma through this new healing modality. Melissa is a sought after speaker who has share the stage with Marianne Williamson and Dr. John Demartini and is also a teacher for the Institute for Integrative Nutrition teaching Intuitive Intelligence and Speaking and on the Advisory Committee for the Woman’s Economic Forum. April 4th and 19th 7 pm DONATION EVENT: 0-$10 ( No one will be turned away from lack of funds) RSVP:

Spring Equinox Artist Showcase FRI APR 13th, 6-10pm

March 29, 2018
Join us for our Spring Artist ShowCase at Sacred Roots! This Spring Equinox Showcase includes 3 amazing Artists: Featured artist Kate Macmahon, Christina Shurts, and Resident Artist Andrew Pisula. Enjoy Art | Music | Tapas | Community Visit our Gallery for more information on Artists

Sense of Self Meditation + Re-Alignment Sunday June 17th, 7-830pm

March 16, 2018
Guided Meditation, Sound + Chakra Balancing Reiki Workshop with Katherine Jackson. In this workshop, Led by Reiki Therapist and Meditation Guide, Katherine Elizabeth Jackson, you will receive a Guided Meditation, a Reiki Chakra Balancing and Sound Healing. You will leave re-connected with love and gratitude for yourself and others. Come heal and connect with those who want to do the same, this is a intimate, inclusive, safe space!” RSVP at or on Eventbrite: Sense of Self Meditation Contact me via email: $20 Exchange

Free Intro to Transcendental Meditation SUN MAY 6th, 3-430pm

March 3, 2018
You are invited to a Free Introductory Talk on the easy, effortless, natural Transcendental Meditation technique. Find out why it’s so practical and easy, learn about the scientific research on its effects for our mental potential, health, and social relations, and discover how TM is done and how it differs uniquely from other meditations both in practice and in its effects in our daily activities after the practice. Refreshments and a question and answer session is included. For RSVP , please contact Adile Esen:, or 760-305-2929

The Art of Making Medicinal Teas – Thursday MAR 22, 7-9pm

March 2, 2018
Making tea is a ritual that involves all the sacred elements – fire heats the water, we add herbs (earth), and the steam is the air. Taking a few moments out of our day to drink tea is an act of self care that allows us to slow down, commune with the plants, and nourish ourselves. This class will be sensory and hands on, helping us truly embody what we learn. In this class you will learn how to get the maximum medicinal benefits from the herbs. We will learn the two main methods for making tea: infusions and decoctions. Learning how to make infusions and decoctions is an essential skill for working with medicinal plants. Through sensory experiences and tea samples, we will learn about the various tastes of plants + plant energetics and why thats important for deciding which herbs to use. I will guide you through sensory tea meditations and we will tap into our intuition and the wisdom of the plants. You will walk away feeling empowered and inspired to make medicinal strength tea and to incorporate a tea drinking practice into your daily life. I will provide you with the tools, and then you can go home and practice. What to Expect: – Sensory tea meditation – Learn how to make herbal infusions and decoctions – An abundance of tea samples to engage your senses – Learn about tastes + plant energetics and why thats important for deciding which herbs to use and making tea blends – Take home herbs to use for self care tea rituals This class costs $40. To rsvp, send self investment to paypal: (friends + family) OR venmo: rootedinspirit. If you have extra income to support my work, you are invited you pay more than $40. ***Space is limited. Send in your payment to reserve your spot. Link to FB event page: About Nicole Rossi: Nicole is a queer herbalist who is following her sacred path of connecting plants to people. She is an educator and space holder who loves gathering us in circle to connect to our intuition, plants, and the earth. She is passionate about supporting us to create embodied relationships with plants so we can respectfully use them for healing. She believes we are all magic and we are all here on purpose with a purpose. ***Contact Nicole at to book her for 1 on 1 sessions, for herbal products, to inquire about her upcoming classes, or be added to her email list.

Sense of Self Meditation + Re-Alignment SUN MAR 11, 7-8pm

February 24, 2018
Guided Meditation, Sound + Chakra Balancing Reiki Workshop with Katherine Jackson. $20 Exchange RSVP:

Gift of Self Love Workshop THURS FEB 22, 7-830pm

February 8, 2018
Gift of Self Love Workshop In this month that celebrates love, set aside some time to celebrate and cultivate a love for your Self.  Participate in a guided meditation and mixed media art-making process to create the perfect “gift” for yourself in this moment. It will be a little package to take home, that fits in your pocket, and is filled with visual reminders of your amazingness! Self-love is a journey, join the workshop and continue on your path, whether you’re just starting or have been traveling for years… Workshop Fee: $25 RSVP + for more info: Unfolding Potentials   Art Therapy & Self-Exploration 562-304-5843 check us out on Instagram:  @unfolding_potentials and Facebook: search “unfolding potentials”

Essentials of Mindfulness TUES FEB 20th, 7-845pm

January 29, 2018
This is InsightLA’s popular basics of mindfulness class! This is our premier introduction to creating and incorporating an effective and ongoing insight meditation practice in all aspects of your life. This 6-week class is appropriate for beginners as well as experienced meditators who want to refresh the fundamentals of their practice. In this class you will learn to reduce your stress and gain more happiness by: 1. Developing a healthier relationship with your thoughts 2. Developing more balance with your emotions 3. Being more in touch with your body and mind. These classes provide our students with a supportive environment. Our teachers tailor their instructions to meet the specific needs of participants. In a step-by-step process students learn the nuts and bolts of insight meditation and basic mindfulness practice. There are six weekly classes. InsightLA is a community of people dedicated to maintaining a safe and welcome, open and diverse environment that stands firmly against all racial, gender, economic, or religious bias. We ae committed to providing opportunities for all people to participate in our programs. Please click the buttom below for more information about easy payment plans, reduced fee opportunities, and financial assistance. InsightLA reserves the right to cancel a class or special event due to low enrollment or other circumstances which would make the event non-viable. If InsightLA cancels an event, registrants will be offered a full refund. Should circumstances arise that result in the postponement of an event, registrants will have the option to either receive a full refund or transfer registration to the same event at the new, future date. Class is led by Sacred Roots Resident Meditation Instructor, Cayce Howe FEES: Base: $185.00 Supporter: $215.00 Sustainer: $285.00 TO REGISTER

Hypno-Yoga Nidra FRI FEB 2nd, 730-830pm

January 21, 2018
Hypno-Yoga Nidra is based on an ancient form of guided meditation, that uses visualization, imagery, and affirmations that promote a state of deep physical relaxation and the turning inward of awareness. In Hypno-Yoga Nidra, the body is fully relaxed and the mind is highly focused – just 1 hour of Hypno-Yoga Nidra is reported to be the equivalent of 4 hours of conventional sleep. Hypno-Yoga Nidra promotes full body relaxation and a deep meditative state of consciousness…a kind of deep, trance- like state or “yogic sleep”. Hypno-Yoga Nidra is one of the most beneficial practices for self-healing. In Hypno-Yoga Nidra, the participant is led on a conscious journey of awareness inside their body and their mind and led to a deeper state of conscious awareness using relaxation techniques, guided imagery, visualization, and affirmations. Unlike traditional yoga, Hypno-Yoga Nidra is exercise-free. During your session, you’ll remain lying down on a yoga mat. It is recommended that you wear comfortable, loose clothing, and bring a pillow(s), a yoga mat, and a throw or blanket. From there, all you have to do is listen to the voice of of the Hypno-Yoga Nidra practitioner as she guides you away from the noise of everyday life and brings you to a state of deep inner consciousness that exists between sleep and wakefulness. The Benefits Of Hypno-Yoga Nidra: Hypno-Yoga Nidra is a natural, holistic complimentary therapy for stress, tension, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, PTSD, hypertension, fibromyalgia, pain relief and more. Key benefits include: * Eases Tension in the Mind & Body * Improves & Restores Healthy Sleep Patterns * Provides Mental Clarity * Increases Immune Function & Self Healing *Improves Mood & Overall Well-Being * Can Create New, Positive Thinking Patterns * Can Reduce Self-Limiting Beliefs To Achieve Goals * Can Create New Positive Inner Awareness Things to bring with you to be comfortable on your Hypno-Yoga Nidra Journey: Yoga mat, pillow(s) for head or knee support, blanket or throw to keep warm, and small notebook and pen/pencil to record your experience. Guest-Host Info: Andrea Torregrossa is a certified RYS 200 yoga teacher with an MA in Art Education. Her practice as a yoga instructor and visual arts teacher uses guided imagery and visualization towards deep self healing, and inspired the desire in her to assist others in improving the quality of their lives. Friday, February 2, 2018 7:30 – 8:30 pm Cost: $20.00 Please RSVP, as space is limited. For further info & registration, contact Andrea at

Frequency of Devotion FRI FEB 9th, 8-10pm

January 21, 2018
FREQUENCY OF DEVOTION Couples Evening Retreat An Experience of Sound, Breath. & Romance Would you like to be fluid in all 5 Love Languages? This evening is based on connection with your partner in all 5 senses. We are also integrating the best selling book ‘The 5 Love Languages’ by Gary Chapman. *Words of Affirmation *Acts of Service *Quality Time *Receiving Gifts *Physical Touch Activities include guided partner massage and meditation, sound bath and simple acts of devotion. Each couple will receive a place setting with gifts and tools to nurture their relationship. Ease into intimacy & soulful connection with your partner. ***Tea, Wine and Chocolates*** All Lovers Welcome! RSVP: For more information and to register email: Availability for 10 Couples $108 per couple Friday February 9th, 2018 8 – 10pm Sacred Roots Holistic Healing 2841 E Broadway Long Beach 90808 ***Also offering this event Sunday February 11th at Stella Luna Yoga in Cypress from 4 – 6pm

Return to Self-A 30 day Online Challenge *Starts FEB 14th!

January 12, 2018
Like the ocean, the relationship we have with ourselves tends to ebb and flow. This 30 day challenge is an opportunity for you to deepen the connection you have with yourself and learn some tools of mindfulness, compassion, and self love along the way that will make the journey back home a little easier.   We begin as a group February 14, 2018!   What you will get out of the next 30 days:   * Daily inspiration, assignments and practices sent to your e-mail inbox * Tools for Self Empathy * Mindfulness Practices to Stay Connected + Present * Non Violent Communication practices to shift the internal dialogue * Accountability ~ Private online group to share your journey with others in the challenge * A deeper connection to yourself and others * Space from the noise and chatter in your head * Learning + growth   How it works:   REGISTER HERE:   $29 Investment in Self   Receive a confirmation email after signing up and a welcome e-mail + access to our private online group 1-2 days before the start of the challenge.   Receive daily emails to your inbox for the 30 days of the challenge starting February 14.   Get access to the private Facebook group to share your insights + journey with others ~~~~~~~~~~~~~   “…the assignments and the posts reminded me to bring my awareness back to compassionate communication within myself and within community. My needs for awareness, growth, and self-expression were thankfully fulfilled. I felt hopeful, empowered and relieved to have a resource during this tumultuous time. -Isabel C. on the 30 day Online Challenge”   ***No refunds will be given out after enrollment. You may find someone else to replace your spot up until February 13 if you no longer wish to participate in the challenge. ———————— For more information, visit
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