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Every Sunday 10am Dharma Talk + Meditation with Cayce Howe, Insight LA
(Last Sundays include extra 30 minutes of Dharma Cafe)

First Fridays, 7:30-9pm Sound Healing with Lynda Arnold

Second Mondays, 7-9pm Holistic Chamber of Commerce with Daniel Gutierrez starting in March!

Second Fridays, 7:30-8:30 pm A Journey Through Sound with Zosha Womack

Third Fridays, 7:30pm Sound Healing Explorations: Group Toning & Tibetan Bowl Music Meditation with Lynda Arnold

Third Sundays, 5:30-7pm Breathwork with Jamie Bulaich

Fourth Fridays 7:30-9pm Reiki & Sound withJanell & Arvindjeet

Full Moon Circle with Jasmine C

New Moon with Brooke Albrigo

March 21, 2019
March 22, 2019
March 23, 2019
March 24, 2019
March 25, 2019
March 26, 2019
March 27, 2019

Sacred Roots
Signature Massage Therapy

60 minute massage offered at $69
Therapist available by appointment!

Choose a relaxation (lavender) or rejuvenation (orange blossom) based massage by Sacred Roots Holistic Healing trained therapist. LEARN MORE

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Panacea Holistic Institute || Bodywork & Healing Arts Program

March 19, 2019
Panacea Holistic Institute is now accepting applications for its Bodywork & Healing Arts Program. This 7 month long program will offer 555 hours of training beginning in October 2019. For more information, call 442.444.2515 and visit our website at PanaceaHolisticInstitute.org.

Full Moon Circle || Thursday March 21st 2019

March 19, 2019
Thursday 3/21/2019 7:30-9PM Suggested Donation: $20     In this Full Moon Gentle yoga and sound healing class we welcome all levels and/or no experience is needed. Please wear comfortable clothing and prepare to feel relaxed and supported as we stretch, breathe, and embrace energetic healing through sound. This is a safe space to release any stagnation that causes unease in our body, mind and soul. Join us as we open up to clarity and inner peace.   Jasmine Canales is a Long Beach local and has been teaching a variety of yoga modalities since 2011. She has obtained a 500hr certificate through Anahata yoga and wellness where she studied Hatha yoga and reiki. Her love for healing and mindfulness has allowed her to became certified in children’s yoga where she has expanded her practice in the early childhood education field. Jasmine loves music, and sharing what has helped her to find peace and wholeness within her community.

Kundalini Yoga || Thursdays 7-7:50am

March 14, 2019
Begin your day feeling rejuvenated and refreshed in a Kundalini Yoga session every Thursday at 7am with Raj Pritpal Singh. Kundalini Yoga stimulates the nervous and glandular systems of the body to create such a sensitivity that the brain can better interpret the signals being sent, ultimately granting a broader, deeper and more connected experience of the self and the world.  Register for our Kundalini Yoga class here and visit our website at https://www.yogacollectivelb.com/ to learn more about all the classes offered at Yoga Collective.

Reiki and Sacred Sound Bath || Friday March 22nd 2019

March 5, 2019
Reiki and Sacred Sound Bath with Janell Shun and Rita Turner 4th Fridays 7:30pm-9pm $30 Suggested Donation (no one turned away) This 4th Friday, Reiki Master Janell Shun will be joined by Sound Healer Therapist, Rita Turner. As a Sound Healer Therapist, Rita facilitates individual and group re-connection with the spiritual self. Her priority is to help one find the way to their own vibrant path. Her offerings are unique in that she uses a wide range of different instruments in her healing work: from Himalayan and Tibetan Singing Bowls to Crystal Singing Bowls, Ocean and Frame Drums, Wind Gong and Chimes, Indigenous Hand Percussions, Native American Flutes and whistles, Voice, Tuning Forks, Tingsha and Bells, Didgeridoo, Steel Drum and others. Janell is a Reiki Master Teacher who uses her hands (“hand on healing”) to facilitate the channeling of Universal Energy which passes into the recipient displacing negative energy with positive energy. She is able to pinpoint both emotional and physical ailments and  balance one’s chakras. The evening of the Reiki Sound Bath, we will start by collectively meditating and setting our intentions in order for you to receive Reiki and Sound Healing at a deeper level. Rita will use her sound instruments to heal as Janell will perform individual hands on healing. These two healing modalities together are quite compelling and something to be experienced. Join us for an evening of Relaxation, Release, and Re-Alignment. *** Reiki can help everyone including persons: * with emotional blockages/suppressed feelings * who have physical discomfort or pain * that are suffering from illness * who are stressed or have trouble sleeping * who suffer from depression/anxiety * who seek mental clarity * who want to feel energized and balanced * who are cleansing/ detoxifying their bodies Sacred Healing Tools such as Planetary Tuned Gongs, Shamanic Drumming, Full Moon Singing Bowls, Chimes and our voices will be used to clear and heal for the highest good of all. Sound Healing Benefits: – Strengthening Nervous and Glandular System – Mental Clarity – Releases toxins from the cells of the body – Releases energetic blockages – Releases emotional blockages – Deep Relaxation – Deep inner peace – Releases of energetic blockages and emotional blockages – Chakra Balancing – Feeling of Unity…Oneness… – Amazing Beings including Humans – Clear out old patterns and blocks from your body enabling healing BRING: -YOGA MAT -BLANKET -SMALL PILLOW -CRYSTALS, PICTURES…ANYTHING YOU WOULD LIKE TO RECHARGE

A Day of Self Care: Lightness of Being || SATURDAY MARCH 23RD 2019

March 5, 2019
Intentional Living Day Retreat~ A day of Self Care Day Retreat | Yoga + Ayurvedic Workshops | Self Care Each month expect a seasonally themed workshop based on Yogic + Ayurvedic Living. Explore Yoga and Meditation, Self Care Lifestyle Practices, Sound Bath, DIY Herbal Teas, Tonics & Tincture, Natural Beauty Product Making Sessions to take home, Medicinal Ghee Making, plus Vedic Astrology offerings. Spring into Spring: Lightness of Being Saturday March 23, 12-5pm Spring is upon us. The winter’s accumulated snow and ice are beginning to melt and the earth is beginning to germinate, flowers are budding open. Mother earth is coming alive. Spring is a season of birth, new beginnings, renewal, and growth. We will share ideas and practices for a supportive Spring lifestyle for mind + body. In addition, learn to make your own herbal infused medicinal ghee to support healing and health on your journey towards wellness. Practices for this day retreat include: Enlivening Yoga session Digestive Teas and Tonics Medicinal Ghee Preparation with Special Guest Will Ayurvedic Practices for a Supportive Spring Lifestyle GHEE: Ghee is clarified butter, safe even for those who are lactose intolerant. When you combine ghee with medicinal herbs you get medicinal ghee, only now the properties of that plant or herbs you infused the ghee with will now be made more bioavailable, driven deeper into the tissues of the body and, in some cases, made more readily accessible to the brain. This workshop will teach new and seasoned herbalists how to make their own medicinal ghee, a kind of golden condiment, from transforming the butter into ghee itself, to combining this precious liquid with tonic herbs for ingestion. Students will then be able to take this knowledge home and brew their own batch medicinal ghee as they, their family, friends, clients or the Seasons require it. Students are invited to bring a jar or vessel so that they may bring a little bit of the ghee home. Yes, recording is allowed. Special Guest: Will Jackson: William Jackson is a practitioner of Holistic medicine and native of Los Angeles. He formally studied Ayurvedic Medicine at the California College of Ayurveda (2005). That same year he received recognition from UCLA as a presenter on Ayurvedic medicine at their first Health Fair while also giving free tongue diagnosis to attendees. He is a graduate of Dancing Shiva’s Yoga & Ayurveda course, has apprenticed in Chinese herbology, and incorporates plants and elements of Chinese herbal medicine, Amazonian, Western, and African systems of healing into his practice (both in their therapeutic and magico-religious aspects). He additionally utilizes tools and modalities such as Tibetan mantra healing, Feng Shui, and Conjure (African American folk magic). His office is in the historic Leimert Park district. https://www.instagram.com/innercitymandala/     https://www.facebook.com/The.Black.Saga RSVP ( limited seating)  | Exchange | $77 | $208/Sign up all 3  More info below on our 3 Part Self Care Day Retreat Series **************************************************************************************************** Lightness of Being | Saturday March 23rd, 12-5pm Spring is upon us. The winter’s

The Neurobiology of Trauma and How We Can Heal || Saturday March 30th, 2019

March 5, 2019
Join us on Saturday, March 30th for an interactive workshop where you will leave with a better understanding of yourself, and how you can heal your own traumas with trauma specialist Sarah Burney.
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