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We operate our sacred space as a collective. Connect with event hosts and practitioners directly for booking & schedule inquiries. Our administrative office is open Monday through Thursday from 10 am to 3 pm.

Every Sunday 10am Dharma Talk + Meditation with Cayce Howe, and Wendy Block Insight LA
(Last Sundays include extra 30 minutes of Dharma Cafe)

First Saturdays, 7:30-9pm Sound Healing with Lynda Arnold

Second Fridays, 7:30-8:30 pm A Journey Through Sound with Zosha Womack

Third Fridays, 7:30pm Sound Healing Explorations: Group Toning & Tibetan Bowl Music Meditation with Lynda Arnold

Fourth Fridays 7:30-9pm Reiki & Sound withJanell & Arvindjeet

Full Moon Circle with Brook Albrigo

New Moon with Brook Albrigo

June 24, 2019
June 25, 2019
June 27, 2019

Meditation Instructor Training

Six Month Immersion

A potent and comprehensive look at sharing meditation.

This 180 day training is designed for those with a meditation background who wish to effectively share this modality with others.

AUG 2019 – JAN 2020

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Massage as a Profession || Tuesday June 11th, 7-9 pm

June 5, 2019
Join our two hour introduction to Massage as a Profession ! Meet our instructors, practice entry level massage therapy with peers on the massage table and converse with a general Q + A. Students who apply for our 555 Hour Bodywork + Healing Arts program by June 15th receive free text book vouchers! Growing Inspired Careers  

A Day of Self Care: Return to Self || SATURDAY June 22, 11-4pm

June 4, 2019
Intentional Living Day Retreat~ A day of Self Care Day Retreat | Yoga + Ayurvedic Workshops | Self Care Each month expect a seasonally themed workshop based on Yogic + Ayurvedic Living. Explore Yoga and Meditation, Self Care Lifestyle Practices, Sound Bath, DIY Herbal Teas, Tonics & Tincture, Natural Beauty Product Making Sessions to take home, Medicinal Ghee Making, plus Vedic Astrology offerings. Summer Day Retreat: Return to Self Saturday June 22nd, 11-4pm Summer is here! How do we navigate the heat and intensity that Summer brings? Softening, surrendering, and practices to stay cool this Summer are key to finding balance within and maintaining our equilibrium and not push full steam ahead. Our Intention for the last of this trilogy are practices that are calming, soothing and cooling for the mind and body as we prepare for the Summer heat. We’ll also have a very special guest offering Vedic Astrology views on navigating the next half of this year. You will leave with a custom vedic astrology chart of your own, and tools to deepen your understanding of self and the current trends in the cosmos and the roles they play in our lives. Practices for this day retreat include:   Yoga + Pranayama Techniques to Cool + Soften Vedic Astrology with Special Guest Seth Cassidy Lassi Recipe for the Summer Heat Making your own Hydrosol Cooling Face Mist   Vedic Astrology: Vedic Astrology translates as the “science of light” and originates from the vedic traditions of India. Vedic astrology describes the planetary patterns at the time of our birth and can give valuable clues to understanding our life’s journey. Cosmic influences can forecast the changing trends in our lives and enable us to make empowered choices moving forward with our career, relationships, and personal growth. Astrology can reveal a lot about the nature of our life experiences as they unfold in time.  One method of examining what an individual can expect from a given period is to look at planetary transits relative to one’s natal horoscope.  While every transiting planet is important to consider, the transits of the planet Saturn are known to be an extremely important determinant in the timing of crucial, developmental chapters of an individual’s life.  In this workshop, Seth will discuss the meaning and importance of Saturn’s transits through the twelve houses of the astrological chart and help you to better understand where you are currently at within Saturn’s approximate 29.5-year cycle. Special Guest Seth Cassidy: A teacher by profession and a practicing astrologer for the past four years, Seth has given hundreds of readings to people from all walks of life and from all around the world.  Throughout 2017, Seth served as the organizer for the Portland Astrology Meetup, where he taught many lessons on chart interpretation fundamentals. Since then, Seth has been expanding his astrology practice by tutoring with professional astrologers, giving readings at festivals and retreats, and hosting workshops upon request. Seth combines insights gleaned from both the Western and Vedic systems

Neuromuscular Therapy Seminar: July 15-17th, 2019

May 21, 2019
The Ultimate Neuromuscular Therapy Seminar! 18 hours over three days. This specialty certification course sold out and left disappointed Massage Therapists standing at the door hoping for an open seat. Now, we’re delivering this certification course locally to SoCal. No traveling to NorCal, no overnight stays in budget hotels, no spending 8 hours traveling each way. Plus you have access for 6 weeks to study and review at your convenience. Become a Neuromuscular Therapy Specialist Pain management is without question the most lucrative and sought out service of Massage Therapy.  American’s spend billions of dollars to minimize their pain and take drastic measures, from toxic medications to radical surgeries, trying to find pain relief. Just one successful pain relief client can result is tens to hundreds of referrals to your private practice. Pain relief, however, is also the most complex and difficult areas for a massage therapist  to work with. But knowledge is power and this Ultimate Neuromuscular Therapy Seminar presents the most up-to-date information, most important tools, most powerful techniques and lays them all out in a step-by-step process so that you can become a confident expert at Pain Relief. Never again will you shrink away or doubt your ability or expertise to help someone release pain with massage. Proudly advertise your expertise as an NCBTMB Certified Neuromuscular Therapy Specialist. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to supercharge your private practice and multiply your clientele with referrals from happy, successful pain free customers. In this Ultimate Neuromuscular Therapy Seminar you will receive: 18 hours of live hands-on instruction Plus an additional 6 days of unlimited access to a weekly workshop 100 page Neuromuscular Therapy (PDF) manual 10 pages of handouts for your clients that will inspire, educate and motivate them 4 session guide including Massage Therapy pain relief outline Specific Neuromuscular therapy protocols for pain relief that work Interview questions and homework for your Pain Relief clients The “4 key ingredients required for Pain Relief success” Vital therapeutic tools including the: SUD’s Scale, Pain Referral Patterns Chart, Range Of Motion Chart, The Developmental Movement Patterns Chart The Movement Goal and Client expectation setting intake form You will also learn to: Build their motivation and determination with each session Identify their stumbling blocks and create solutions that work Inspire clients to relieve pain and gain a happier more fulfilling life! Disclaimer: This seminar is designed for Massage Therapist  who want to become specialists at Neuromuscular therapy. This seminar does not teach basic Massage skills or general Massage knowledge and is designed for professionals who already have completed or, are in the process of, pursuing advanced Massage Therapy training.   Meet Garrett Wood of Gnosis Therapy  As Manual therapists we have direct experience working with people in pain. Being able to explain pain and offering services that keep you within your scope of practice while providing immediate results and relief can be a grey area. This is further complicated by the fact that  85% of people that receive massage do so

4 Week Compassionate Communication Course MON JUN 17th, 7-9pm

May 20, 2019
Four Week Compassionate Communication Course   4 Mondays starting June 17, 7-9pm   Dive into the basics of Nonviolent Communication this summer and gain tools to effectively communicate with others and handle conflict with mindfulness, nonviolence, compassion, and other heart based practices. Based on the principles and teachings of Marshall Rosenberg, this course can be both an introduction or refresher course if you are interested in shifting the way you show up in your work and relationships and become an even better communicator and listener.   Facilitated by Rachel Bennish and Jenny Ahn   COURSE TEXTBOOK: Non Violent Communication; A Language of Life by Marshall Rosenberg *Students are expected to purchase this book separately and read assigned chapters to support practices, games, and discussions each class week.   Who is this for? *You want to improve your communication skills and develop tools for healthier relationships with family, friends and co-workers *You are seeking skills to empathize and deeply understand others and yourself *You would like to stay peaceful in the face of judgment, criticism, and anger *You want to become a better listener * You are ready to positively shift how you communicate with others and yourself. *You want a deeper connection with the people you come across daily. *You want to be in touch with your feelings *You want to be in tune with your needs and how to express them in a constructive way. *You are a parent and would like to embody a new way of communicating with your children and set a new example for your family   What to Expect: *Weekly exercises and practices to develop compassionate communication skills *Understand your own feelings and needs as well as tuning into others’ *Interactive partner and group work *Sacred Space & Confidential learning environment *Develop skills to communicate with others on a deeper level *Re-evaluate old patterns of communication that are not serving ourselves and our relationships *Listen more attentively to others with compassion and empathy   When and Where: Sacred Roots Holistic Healing Mondays June 17- July 8 7-9pm ( 2 hrs)   Cost: $111 Payment and e-mail confirmation due to hold a spot: PAY HERE   RSVP by e-mailing Jenny & Rachel at nvclongbeach@gmail.com   *Limited Spots Available *Couples welcome   *** Any cancellations much be done no later than 10 days prior to the classes start date for half reimbursement. Unfortunately there will be no refunds after that mark or once the class has begun.   *** If you know you will be missing 2 classes or more, we recommend taking this class at another time.   Jenny and Rachel have been leading Compassionate Communication courses, workshops, book readings, and practice groups in the Long Beach area since 2015. They are the co-founders of NVC Long Beach; the local chapter for those interested in learning, practicing, and sharing the principles and teachings of Nonviolent Communication.   Jenny has been teaching Yoga and practicing Ayurvedic medicine over the past 15 years. Currently a student of

Sound Meditation Facilitator Training – Level 1 July 12-14, 2019

May 14, 2019
Level 1 ( 16 hours)  || July 12 – 14, 2019 Secure Registration Portal A three day immersion for future Sound Meditation Facilitators with our Resident Expert Practitioner & Southern California gem, Lynda Arnold aka DivaSonic.  Are you ready to deepen your relationship with Sound as a Therapeutic Modality + offer service to your community?  Learn the art and emerging science of Sound Meditation with master facilitator, professional musician and educator Lynda Arnold at Sacred Roots in Long Beach, CA. We welcome anyone who would like to learn about incorporating sound + meditation into their holistic healing practice, yoga class, classroom, personal practice and also embark on the process of what doing a sound meditation is all about. “Lynda is a sound meditation superstar!  I am so grateful to her for sharing all of the incredible information for my first sound meditation certification education experience. She is an incredible musician and singer and provided me with some valuable tools to start on my own sound meditation journey. If you want to learn from the best, take her course you won’t regret it! “ – Biba, ecstatic student 2019 Who is this course for ? This course is for holistic healing practitioners of all kinds, yoga teachers, music teachers and classroom teachers, avid meditators, nurses, doctors and anyone who wishes to go deeper into the mysticism and potential of using sound to shift consciousness.   We will cover: The practice of Deep Listening Sound Healing concepts, background, history and emerging science including a brief intro into the physics of sound Common instruments used and why Basic musicianship and music theory Using the voice as a healing tool to lead toning, mantra and release breath exercises Instrument Practice Lab and Group Play Sessions How to Setup a welcoming and peaceful Space Building your own set-up, practice and flow Meet your Instructor: Lynda Arnold is a certified Sound Meditation Facilitator, Vocalist & Multi-Instrumentalist, Composer and seasoned Performer on a life long mission to build healthy communities through the power of sound and music. She offers sound healing workshops, private sound baths, singing for wellness sessions and performs in Los Angeles and has appeared numerous festivals and conferences around the country. Her intention is to provide a gateway for people to reduce stress, transform consciousness and heal through sound and meditation. She received a 200 hour Certificate in ‘Sound, Voice and Music Healing’ at the California Institute of Integral Studies with Silvia Nakkach in San Francisco in 2010, has multiple music degrees and over 25 years of music education and performing experience. Recent performance, production and sound healing projects include:  Recording and performing with the Desert Dwellers, Lucent Dossier’s ‘Human Initiation Project’, Virtual Reality content projects and Immersive Wellness events with the Visual Reality Meditation Collective (LA), Conscious bending 432Hz electronic music/sound meditation project Solar Theory with Torkom Ji, and directing an all woman ensemble of sound meditation facilitators and musicians called Sonic Devas.  In addition, Lynda is continuing to release music under her

Full Moon Oracle Ceremony || all genders welcome|| June 18th, 2019

May 8, 2019
Full Moon Oracle Ceremony Tuesday June 18th 7:30 – 9:00 pm $35 The Full Moon is a time for expansion and illumination, it is when the veil between the seen and unseen worlds are the thinnest. Every person has an intuitive or psychic sense- an inner voice- YOU are an oracle. This ceremony will be about learning how to strengthen and listen to your intuition through various rituals and practices. Removing the obstacles that keep us from listening to the voice within. Each ceremony is organic and based on the Moon and group’s energy. There will be forms of meditation, movement, divination and release.  Space is limited- RSVP required This ceremony is open to all genders- everyone is welcome! Your space is only refundable if another person takes your spot and you give more than 24 hours notice. No refunds for same day cancellations.

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