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Third Saturdays 11am- 3pm

Community Healing Clinic
with Sacred Roots members
and Panacea Holistic Institute Open House

Every Sunday 10am Dharma Talk + Meditation with Cayce Howe, Insight LA
(Last Sundays include extra 30 minutes of Dharma Cafe)

First Fridays, 7:30-9pm Sound Healing with Lynda Arnold

Second Mondays, 7-9pm Holistic Chamber of Commerce with Daniel Gutierrez starting in March!

Second Fridays, 7:30-8:30 pm A Journey Through Sound with Zosha Womack

Third Fridays, 7:30pm Sound Healing Explorations: Group Toning & Tibetan Bowl Music Meditation with Lynda Arnold

Third Sundays, 5:30-7pm Breathwork with Jamie Bulaich

Fourth Fridays 7:30-9pm Reiki & Sound withJanell & Arvindjeet

Full Moon Circle with Jasmine C

New Moon with Brooke Albrigo

February 22, 2019
February 24, 2019
February 25, 2019
February 26, 2019
February 27, 2019
February 28, 2019

Sacred Roots
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60 minute massage offered at $69
Therapist available Mon-Sat from 10am to 6 pm!

Choose a relaxation (lavender) or rejuvenation (orange blossom) based massage by Sacred Roots Holistic Healing trained therapist. LEARN MORE

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A Journey Through Sound with Zosha Womack

February 7, 2019
Every second Friday of the month from 7:30- 8:30 During this one hour sound bath you will be guided with fellow travelers through a deep full body guided meditation, followed by a sound journey of sacred instruments to unity. Zosha’s array of Tibetan and Crystal quartz singing bowls, gongs, didgeridoo, handpan, native flute, bells, chimes and other unique instruments captivate the mind and body. Her speciality for creating a safe and peaceful environment fosters self healing and growth by encouraging vulnerability and connectivity. —Since a young age, Zosha has been drawn to traditional and modern medicine. Like many, she too searched for healing from childhood traumas. After finding much relief through sound healing and various holistic modalities she came to fully understand the mind-body connection and just how powerful it is. Her hope is to spread compassion and love to all people around the world and inspire others to do the same. Her life mission is to serve others and help them reach their best self through generosity, dedication, and the healing power of sound.

Long Beach Yoga Collective

January 8, 2019
Our Story Welcome to our Collective! We are a group of passionate yoga teachers offering weekly classes in a variety of styles. Hosted by Sacred Roots, a holistic healing center in the heart of Long Beach. Please check out our current schedule, or even better drop by for a class!     How to take class at Yoga Collective: Buy classes online Register for classes online Don’t forget to bring your mat Arrive 10 minutes early. 

All the Ways to Love 3/6-4/10

January 8, 2019
3/6/2019-4/10/2019 7:00 PM 8:30 PM (6 Wednesday Evenings ) CAYCE HOWE, SENIOR TEACHER An open heart is a universal component of all wisdom traditions and yet each one has a unique way to uncover our innate well of love.  In this six week course we will learn meditation practices from a variety of traditions that are sure to move us towards a greater peace in our every day lives. The kind heart is the key to a calm mind, creating a suitable environment for realization to take place. The kind heart is also our best friend as we navigate the challenges of simply being a human during some charged times. What can love not make better? Please join us, as we join hearts. Schedule:  7-8:30pm for 6 weeks on Wednesday Evenings from March 6th to April 10th. Cost: This class is a Dana based class. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. Dana means giving. The suggested donation for this class series, which includes 6 classes, is $180 dollars. $30 per person of an average size class at InsightLA covers the cost of paying teachers, administrators, rent and outreach, as well as covering the participation of students who will pay less. Please give generously. Your act of generosity is significant. The Buddha taught that all of the beautiful qualities of heart and mind begin with generosity: Generosity dissolves the separation of self and other… Giver receiver and gift intertwined. Everyone has a role to play in supporting the whole community practicing to their fullest potential.   At InsightLA, we’re dedicated to creating a safe and welcome, open and equitable community that stands firmly against all racial, gender, economic, or religious bias. InsightLA works to protect the safety of all students. We reserve the right to remove any student from any class, sitting group, retreat, or any event if the student is disruptive to the safe learning environment we maintain for all. InsightLA reserves the right to cancel a class or special event due to low enrollment or other circumstances which would make the event non-viable. If InsightLA cancels an event you’ve registered for, you will be offered a full refund. If an event has to be postponed for any reason, you will have the option to either receive a full refund or transfer your registration to the same event at the new, future date.

Sunday Sitting Group Every Sunday

January 8, 2019
WENDY BLOCK, SENIOR TEACHER, CAYCE HOWE, SENIOR TEACHER LIEN-CHI “LC” TRAN Long Beach is one of InsightLA’s longest running satellite Sanghas. With weekly Sunday Sits for nearly 5 years it has grown into a flourishing community of practitioners. The group meets at the beautiful and energized Sacred Roots Hollistic Healing Center located minutes away from the beach in the Belmont Heights neighborhood. The Long Beach Sangha is dedicated to deepening their spiritual practice with ongoing classes, retreats and workshops. We also meet regularly for community events including movie nights, summer BBQ’s, field trips to neighboring monasteries and hikes. The Sangha is guided by Senior InsightLA teachers, Wendy Block and Cayce Howe as well as Lien-Chi “LC” Tran. Both have spent decades dedicated to their practice. In addition, amazing guest teachers visit year round to keep the teaching fresh and exciting. Everyone is welcome!! Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/groups/sundaysitlongbeach/?ref=bookmarks Have Questions?  You can reach out to Cayce at Cayce@InsightLA.org InsightLA is a community of people dedicated to maintaining a safe and welcome, open and diverse environment that stands firmly against all racial, gender, economic, or religious bias.

6 Week Mindful Communication Course 2/11-3/25

January 8, 2019
  Six Week Compassionate Communication Course Six Mondays (Enrollment is now closed for this cycle. Please email us at nvclongbeach@gmail.com to sign up for news about the next one!) February 11th- March 25, 7-9pm Learn how to effectively communicate with others and handle conflict with mindfulness, nonviolence, compassion, and other heart based practices. Based on the principles and teachings of Non Violent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg; this course will give you the tools and practices to become a better communicator and listener.   Facilitated by Rachel Bennish and Jenny Ahn COURSE TEXTBOOK: Non Violent Communication; A Language of Life by Marshall Rosenberg *Students are expected to purchase this book separately and read assigned chapters to support practices, games, and discussions each class week. Who is this for? *You want to improve your communication skills and develop tools for healthier relationships with family, friends and co-workers *You are seeking skills to empathize and deeply understand others and yourself *You would like to stay peaceful in the face of judgment, criticism, and anger *You want to become a better listener * You are ready to positively shift how you communicate with others and yourself. *You want a deeper connection with the people you come across daily. *You want to be in touch with your feelings *You want to be in tune with your needs and how to express them in a constructive way. *You are a parent and would like to embody a new way of communicating with your children and set a new example for your family What to Expect: *Weekly exercises and practices to develop compassionate communication skills *Understand your own feelings and needs as well as tuning into others’ *Interactive partner and group work *Sacred Space & Confidential learning environment *Develop skills to communicate with others on a deeper level *Re-evaluate old patterns of communication that are not serving ourselves and our relationships *Listen more attentively to others with compassion and empathy     Cost: $122-166 (Sliding scale) Payment and e-mail confirmation due to hold a spot. RSVP by e-mailing Jenny & Rachel at nvclongbeach@gmail.com Pay at squarespace https://squareup.com/store/JennyAhn/item/week-mindful-communication-course Limited Spots Available   When and Where: Sacred Roots Holistic Healing Mondays Feb 11th-March 18th 7-9pm ( 2 hrs) *** Any cancellations much be done no later than 10 days prior to the classes start date for half reimbursement. Unfortunately there will be no refunds after that mark or once the class has begun.   *** If you know you will be missing 2 classes or more, we recommend taking this class at another time. Jenny and Rachel have been leading Compassionate Communication courses, workshops, book readings, and practice groups in the Long Beach area since 2015. They are the co-founders of NVC Long Beach; the local chapter for those interested in learning, practicing, and sharing the principles and teachings of Nonviolent Communication.   Jenny has been teaching yoga and practicing Ayurvedic medicine over the past ten years. She has been actively taking workshops, classes, and studying non-violent communication and sees

Reiki and Sacred Sound Bath 2/22

January 7, 2019
Reiki and Sacred Sound Bath with Janell Shun and Arvindjeet Kaur 4th Fridays 7:30pm-9pm  $30 Suggested Donation (no one turned away) Reiki can help everyone including persons: * with emotional blockages/suppressed feelings * who have physical discomfort or pain * that are suffering from illness * who are stressed or have trouble sleeping * who suffer from depression/anxiety * who seek mental clarity * who want to feel energized and balanced * who are cleansing/ detoxifying their bodies Sacred Healing Tools such as Planetary Tuned Gongs, Shamanic Drumming, Full Moon Singing Bowls, Chimes and our voices will be used to clear and heal for the highest good of all. Sound Healing Benefits: – Strengthening Nervous and Glandular System – Mental Clarity – Releases toxins from the cells of the body – Releases energetic blockages – Releases emotional blockages – Deep Relaxation – Deep inner peace – Releases of energetic blockages and emotional blockages – Chakra Balancing – Feeling of Unity…Oneness… – Amazing Beings including Humans – Clear out old patterns and blocks from your body enabling healing BRING: -YOGA MAT -BLANKET -SMALL PILLOW -CRYSTALS, PICTURES…ANYTHING YOU WOULD LIKE TO RECHARGE JANELL SHUN, is a Reiki Master. Reiki is a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Force Energy. “Rei” mean something that is Universal and “Ki” means Energy. You may also be familiar with the terms “Chi” (Chinese) or “Prana” (Sanskrit). Simply, Reiki means Universal Energy. As a Reiki Master, Janell is able to tap Universal Energy and channel it through her hands and pass it to the receiver by a technique of “laying hands.” The healing energy displaces and replaces negative energy with a positive energy. This helps to relieve physical and emotional ailments and promotes self-healing in your body. For more details please go to: www.4thChakraWellness.com Arvindjeet Kaur Healing trauma, depression, anxiety and stress has been one of her biggest themes since childhood. Her conscious journey of self healing began in 2006 where she experienced an awakening which sparked her interest on going inward with intention to get to the root of what was causing an imbalance of her mind body and spirit. Weeks after her awakening, she was introduced to Universal Energy Healing which opened her up to various forms of holistic healing modalities in which she later on received formal training in, such as Reiki, Shamanic Healing, Kundalini Yoga and Sound Healing.  She continues and to share the tools which helped her on her journey with the intention to elevate the wellbeing of all and co-create a safe space for community to gather, connect, learn, grow and be. www.sacredhealingsessions.com      
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