Sound Baths at Sacred Roots

1st Friday Sound Bath with Ed

August 6, 2021
FIRST FRIDAY’S SOUND BATH: Sound meditation is just that: Sound in meditation–meditation in sound. This experience is our time to find freedom in just being our true nature as spirit-soul. In this experience, we can set aside all of the identities (i.e. name, gender, race & culture, job title and all social responsibilities) and JUST BE! There is healing in just Being! Various sound frequencies (i.e. sound bowls, gongs, wind chimes, nature sounds, shamanic drumming, flutes etc..) with our willing participation helps release and move all types of energy and promotes flow state and culminates in clarity, energy cleansing, balance, rejuvenation and openness of mind and body. This is the healing and freedom in just Being. Guided meditation is a collaboration of intentional words, sound frequencies, silence and visualization to explore the depth of our being. The intention to guide awareness to the energy centers of the body (Chakras); to practice the power of visualization, affirmation etc… for deeper connection to our Source or to our Self. This experience is for what we need in that moment in time (i.e. healing, answers,  clarity, focus, release, energy, time away, relaxation, inspiration, guidance, self care, self love, etc…).

2nd Fridays Sound Bath Jams

May 29, 2021
Sound Bath Jams A sound bath experience. Jane Free, Jason Miller and Special Guests of Sacred Roots Jamming meditatively on the Second Friday Evening of the month. Reiki attuned crystals, guided meditation, interactive breath work and instrumentations – date nights encouraged. Emotional Liberation required. 7:30-9 p

3rd Friday with Mystic Starseed (Jovan Illa)

December 14, 2020
  Self Care is more important than ever. We will be creating a space of healing for your mind, body, and spirit. Nourishing and allowing your subtle energies to re-align. Sounds created by sacred traditional instruments.

4th Friday Sound – Restore, Relax, Recharge

October 13, 2020
Sacred Sound Healing Every Fourth Friday, 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM Please join us for a beautiful evening to Restore, Relax and Recharge.  We will be offering a meditation and sound bath combined with Reiki energy healing.  Our Sound Bath will be led by Biba who has been offering Sound Baths in the area along with her partner, Alyssa, who is a talented Meditation and Reiki healer.   The evening will open with a relaxing meditation and visualization that ties into the current planetary energy, followed by a sound bath led by Biba. During the Sound Bath, Alyssa will provide Reiki energy healing to the participants. We look forward to welcoming you to the beautiful and healing Sacred Roots Healing Center. Biba & Alyssa

5th Friday Sound Bath

March 30, 2021
 The deep healing vibrations and frequencies that emanate from the gong, singing bowls, and other ancient shamanic healing instruments carry you into a deep state of conscious meditation, which elicit transformative experiences of mind, body, and Spirit. Sound Baths benefit body, mind, and spirit with deep healing vibrations, and frequencies. The tones and frequencies that emanate from the gong, singing bowls, and other ancient shamanic healing instruments they use bring about deep states of conscious meditation, which elicit transformative and profound experiences of deep relaxation and release. Reiki healing energy will be used to amplify the therapeutic and meditative benefits.  


Continuing Education Units available for Certified Massage Therapists

Craniosacral with Amanda Hook

August 30, 2021
Cranioscaral Therapy with Amanda Hook Friday 10/15 10 – 4pm Saturday 10/16 10 – 4pm Sunday 10/17 12-4pm Early bird pricing: $444 Regular price: $555   Intuitive Bodywork for Trauma Informed Release – Connecting with the Cranial Pulse as a navigation tool in bodywork sessions. identifier of dysfunction Identifying the system, using the system to assess clients, locating source of disfunction. Harness skills to effectively remedy emotional or physical disfunction and pain This course is designed for Nurses, CMTS, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Physical Therapists   Amanda has been practicing massage since 2004. In this time she has managed and worked in many massage settings from Sports clubs, wellness clinics, Spas and Hospice care. Over the past 4 years Amanda has been a educator and mentor to students of massage and new practitioners in the field. She taught a 800 hour massage program and had 5 graduating classes. She has a passion for helping educate everyone to the different forms of massage and holistic modalities, she is always learning something new. Amanda incorporates all methods of massage in her customized massage session, uniquely devising a personal treatment for each individuals needs. Her passion and focus in recent years has been working with light touch therapy with CranioSacral Therapy incorporating myofascial techniques and Energy work. This work helps the body get rid of Emotional and Pain trauma held in the body, helping the body balance itself. The body has the ability to heal and fix itself, CranioSacral Therapy helps it find the Inner Physician so the mind and body can reconnect and eliminate the emotional and pain patterns in the body,  
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Special Events at Sacred Roots

Tarot Workshop with Jovan Illa

August 25, 2021
Tarot Workshop Series: Bridging Worlds When : 9.11 9.25 10.9 10.23 11.6 Time: 6 – 9 PM Where : Panacea Holistic Institute/Sacred Roots Holistic Healing Welcome! You’re invited to join us on a 6 part Tarot Workshop series. This Workshop will be held here, in person, at Sacred Roots. It starts on 9/11/21 and ends on 11/20/21 where we will cover Tarot basics and beyond.  *All 3 sections are linked in with Astrology, Numerology and Kaballah correspondences. Tarot Workshop with Jovan Illa SECTION 1 *9/11, 6-9p – Class 1 MAJOR ARCANA: Learn the meanings & numerology; build a relationship with the 1st and most important 22 cards of the deck $44 *9/25, 6-9p – Class 2 PIP CARDS: Learn the meanings & numerology; build a relationship with The 40 Pip cards that consist of the numbered suits $44 *10/9, 6-9p – Class 3 COURT CARDS: Learn the meanings, find your significator; build a relationship with The 16 Court Cards in the deck $44 SECTION 2 *10/23, 6-9p – Class 4 MAJOR ARCANA – CORRESPONDENCE TO ASTROLOGY: Learn the Astrological correspondences to each of the cards $55 *11/6, 6-9p – Class 5 PIP CARDS – CORRESPONDENCE TO ASTROLOGY: Learn the Astrological correspondences to each of the cards $55 *TBA – Class 6 COURT CARDS – CORRESPONDENCE TO ASTROLOGY: Learn the Astrological correspondence of the cards $55 Registration options: Single class enrollment: any of the 1st 3 classes of the series ($44) Single class enrollment: any of the 2nd 3 classes of the series ($55) Complete enrollment for all 6 classes ($250) Sectional enrollment: 1st 3 classes of the series ($100) Sectional enrollment: 2nd 3 classes of series ($133) Student please bring to class: deck of Tarot cards Tarot notebook pen/pencil *Tarot is not only a divination tool, it’s an ancient art, a spiritual practice, a ritual, a mirror of self-reflection. A bridge between the subconscious and the conscious, between your logical mind and your intuitive mind, the unseen world and the physical world, the esoteric and the pragmatic, between you and your inner guidance system, between you and your client. * Tarot finds meaning through symbology, archetypes, and intuition. Tarot can help you with: Getting truth and clarity opening, practicing, developing, and trusting our intuition connecting to the spiritual world navigating your life path with more understanding creating a deeper relationship with yourself creating affinity with those you do readings for through being of service and finding common ground finding an approachable way to begin learning Metaphysics   If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions: Who am I really? What do I offer the world? What’s the meaning of my life? How do the events in my life support that meaning? What are the deeper connections within the relationships in my life? Why is this current situation in my life happening right now? What can I do right now in this current situation? How do/will my choice(s) effect my life?   *If you’ve ever asked yourself these types of questions (and

2nd Fridays Sound Bath Jams

May 29, 2021
Sound Bath Jams A sound bath experience. Jane Free, Jason Miller and Special Guests of Sacred Roots Jamming meditatively on the Second Friday Evening of the month. Reiki attuned crystals, guided meditation, interactive breath work and instrumentations – date nights encouraged. Emotional Liberation required. 7:30-9 p

Panacea Student Massage Clinic

September 18, 2020
Happening Every Thursday and rotating weekend dates.  

Free 7 Part Mantra Meditation Audio Series

May 7, 2020
Practice chanting Sanskrit mantras with a guide, Jocelyn Fee Miller. Learn the basics of Japa mantra + move your way through seven healing and empowering practices – each built to span 40 days. First up: OM. The consciousness of Universal Oneness. Om(Aum) Chakra designation: Ajna Mudra: Gyan Mudra or Buddhi Mudra Om is the primordial sound of all creation, the first sound. It is sometimes known as Pranav, meaning it emanates from Prana, the vital vibration connecting all things. In its sound current, we find bliss and comfort (ahhhhh and mmmmm sounds). Om or Aum was the first Yoga; the tool to bring enlightenment and divine connection. The sound initiates a universal connection, the universal absolute and invokes 3 possible states of human consciousness: A the waking state U dreaming state M deep sleeping state The sound of OM begins in the throat with an ahhhh, gathers and rises through the tongue and mouth with oooooo, and culminates at the lips with mmmm ringing like a bell up through The third eye. This vibration breaks through brain chatter and cleanses negativity, replacing with clarity and unity. Deep love ❤️ for collaborators : Mantra Description : Emily McConnell, Production / Host : Noah Le Beau Find more from us @klbpfm @wovenlightstudios  

Optimal Self Care | Audio Series |

April 12, 2020
An offering of simple and effective tools that connect us with the most Optimal + Authentic version of our self. Included in the Series: 9 audio segments diving into a variety of modalities built for our modern, mental, emotional evolution! Week one – Jocelyn – The Self Care Mindset  Jocelyn Fee Miller gained most of her hands on Massage Therapy experience in Southern California, with a background in the Mt. Shasta area. Practicing Massage Therapy since 2009 and offering Yoga Instruction since 2010, Jocelyn is pleased to welcome her newest project–Panacea Holistic Institute located at Sacred Roots! It was a dream, even then, to offer an Education Branch for Holistic Professionals. In 2018, Jocelyn founded Panacea Holistic Institute with the assistance of all her mentors and teachers! Panacea, Long Beach’s Holistic Career College neighbors Dharma’s Yoga studio and Bluff Yogalution. The flagship school program provides a 7 month training in Bodywork + Healing Arts. Including a progressive list of modalities including sound meditation, green business practices, emotional intelligence integration and so much more.  The school has a variety of teacher’s who teach their specialties. Most recently Jocelyn has been producing a public radio show called Morning Intentions as a volunteer with KLBP Long Beach Public Radio 99.1 scheduled to air on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 7-8 am. Jocelyn also has a secret musical project:  Jane Free! With a mission to bring suicide + mental health awareness into environments not traditionally associated with the healing arts. + Week Two – Cayce Howe :  The Meditation basics Cayce Howe is an authorized teacher in the Theravada Buddhist tradition with nearly 30 years of practice experience. He lived at meditation retreat centers for nearly 6 years including a year-long closed meditation retreat in the Karma Kagyu Tibetan Buddhist Lineage. Cayce is a Senior Meditation/ Dharma teacher for InsightLA and teaches meditation at two mental health facilities in Southern California.   + Week three –  Yve Hart : Basics of Cleansing  Yve Hart is a Mother, Heart-Mind Life Coach, Theta Healer® Master Instructor, Energy/Intuitive Healer, Writer, Speaker, and founder of The 40 Day Green Cleanse and Yve Hart- Healing Arts. Yve credits her success rate with her students to connecting people to their inner guru, greatness, genius, aka Inner G. She’s deeply committed to peeling away the emotional, mental, and physical layers that keep us separated from our most authentic expressions of self, including our playful inner child. She dedicates her service as a guiding light to those who understand the value of cleansing out of self love on all levels: spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. The real power of wellness comes from becoming a master of your own guiding light. + Week 4 – Armando: Conscious Movement  After suffering a traumatic leg injury in 1996 that kept him sidelined at the Olympics, The Hart Method training approach was created. Armando Hart‘s road to recovery brought him a deeper connection to himself that created a synergistic relationship between his body, movement, and life. As a coach, trainer, author, speaker, and

Chair Yoga For Seniors

January 7, 2019
2nd & 4th WEDNESDAYS, 9:30-11am~ •Group CHAIR YOGA Stretch for Seniors• . $15/student~ (You will not be turned away for lack of funds). Please arrive with enough time to settle in before class, and connect with new friends after our group session ends. No prior experience required, chairs are provided! 🔸~Namaste~🔸 . . . 🔸RSVP:🔸

Holistic Chamber of Commerce 1/8

January 7, 2019
Details Register here: It’s a New Year and visions of success for 2019 are dancing in our minds. Join us at our first meeting of 2019 and learn what it will take to have a powerful and successful year. We will all hear about what might hold us back if we are not aware of the pitfalls. Our panel speakers: Mee Vaj is a Speaker, Certified Hypnotherapist and Energy Healer who helps women, men and children heal from abuse and traumas and reprogram their mind to achieve more success in their lives. Her mission is to heal and empower a billion people in her lifetime. Her talk is “Success Programming: Overcoming the 3 Biggest Blocks to Success”. She’ll show you an effective and faster way to remove the mental blocks to success and to reprogram your mind to achieve any success you desire. Sacred Roots – the new home for 2019 and new member of the Long Beach HCC Look forward to seeing you there! “PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU LOOK AT THE EVENT, EARLY BIRD PRICING” 2019 Members Early Bird Registration: $15.00 – At the door: $20.00 Register Here: 2019 Non-Members Early Bird Registration: $20.00 (non-members are allowed to come to two meetings, before being asked to become a member.) At the door: $30.00 Register Here: Our Location: Sacred Roots This will be an event you will not want to miss, so register early to save a few dollars. See you soon, Daniel Gutierrez President Long Beach Holistic Chamber and HCC Board member Please contact |President Daniel Guat |310-709-0132| or if you have any questions.

Sound Healing for Holistic Professionals

January 2, 2019
Learn how to integrate sound meditation into your massage therapy practice with esteemed musician and practitioner, Lynda Arnold. In this course students will: Become familiar with: Deep listening and how that relates to Sound Therapy A variety of Sound Therapy tools Vocal use for Sound Therapy Have a practical application of instruments of their choice geared toward their unique magnetism Understand the basic theory and methodology of Sound Therapy Know how to use sound therapy in relationship to meridians, chakras & acupressure points Develop their own Sound Therapy protocol for their sessions Develop their own Sound Therapy protocol for their sessions Learn more about how sound affects us Learn more about Lynda and her work: Register Here THURSDAY-FRIDAY, January 17-18, 2019 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM Lynda Arnold $344-$388* *Please pay at the higher level of the payment option that you can afford. This helps us make sure those who pay less can attend.

Chair Yoga for Seniors: December 12th

December 3, 2018
2nd & 4th WEDNESDAYS, 9:30-11am~ • DECEMBER 12th •Group CHAIR YOGA Stretch for Seniors• . $15/student~ (You will not be turned away for lack of funds). Please arrive with enough time to settle in before class, and connect with new friends after our group session ends. No prior experience required, chairs are provided! 🔸~Namaste~🔸 . . . 🔸RSVP:🔸
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