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Intro to Energy Modalities

February 15, 2021
April 9th + 10th Guided by Amanda Hook   Join us for a two day workshop in an introduction to Energy Modalities!   Explore Polarity, Cranial Sacral, Aura Checking & Assessment, Chakra Balancing with Crystals. Learn how, where, and when to use them.

Intro to Medical Massage

February 9, 2021
Expand your practice and effectively treat specific disorders by learning thorough hands on assessment and clinical massage protocols backed by science. Curriculum: Science based theories and approaches to trigger points, sciatic nerve neuralgia and anterior scalenes Deepen your massage skillset. Develop a strong basis for your future in Medical Massage and build a set of clinical tools to successfully treat a variety of physical ailments. Develop independent evaluation and analysis skills to efficiently solve clinical problems for patients. Learn in a hybrid setting, with a small group of massage professionals. Sacred roots provides a medical grade learning environment with small group training and support from our certified massage therapists. Learn the science-backed data you need to effectively treat diagnoses. Expand your practice.  Knowledge of medical massage opens your practice up to a variety of new clients seeking treatment.

Postural Assessment with Amanda Hook

February 8, 2021
With this course, you will learn how to: Amplify initial intake skills. Create a session roadmap based on individuals needs. Identify range of motion inhibitions in order to improve structural balance. This course is geared towards Nurses, CMTS, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Physical Therapists & Massage Therapists who would like to sharpen their eye in visual assessments. This in person course will take place at Sacred Roots Holistic Healing in Long Beach, at our medical grade facility. To attend, a negative COVID-19 test from two days prior is required. This Course will be lead by Amanda Hook.

Moon School with guide Sopurkh

February 3, 2021
Moon School An invocation of our seed knowing as Earth Beings – a complete cosmic attunement with keynotes of love, compassion, and kinship – the most sacred remembering that we are what Nature is doing. Moon sets the harmonic pulse of life. She is the Great Spiral Architect, conjuring stardust and dreamtime into new shapes of hope through us. Guided by her rhythmic blueprint, we feel into the darkness and surrender to the full illumination of our soul-visions. She reminds us of our power to dream new worlds into being. Lunar cycles dilate spaces for creative relating and sympoeisis. This intimate dialogue between Moon and Sun expands our receptive capacity for feeling and creating together with the sensuous living earth. We experience compassion as a transmission of radiance from the heart that nourishes all life. Mother Moon welcomes our return to the living sentient world, back into the tantric field of deep and loving ecology.   MOON TEACHINGS:¬† We are Apprenticing the Moon. Her language is subtle and fluid. She guides us in rhythms that ebb and flow with the Spiral of Life. When we listen, ¬†she will show us how. She Illuminates, Transmutes, Embodies, Distills, Dissolves and Resurrects throughout her continual cycles, offering deep medicine teachings of: CREATING, TENDING, MENDING, GROWING, HARVEST, ABUNDANCE, SHARING, COMMUNING, CEREMONY, LOVE, SENSUALITY, ¬†INTUITION, COURAGE, GRACE, DEATH, ¬†SURRENDER, METAMORPHOSIS, FLUIDITY, REST, RHYTHM, BEAUTY, AND POETICS. LISTEN FEEL ALLOW LOVE This is an initiation into Aquariantime, a reception of root teachings that hydrate our seeds of indignity, enliven our sensual receptivity for creative relating, healing, and compassion, and root us in the deepest belonging with Earth as our Mothersource of nourishment for ongoingness. Open and attune your subtle sensory anatomy to reveal innovative systems, pathways, forms and visions for more nourishing and livable realities. Discover what is becoming through you. Explore an astrological curricula of the lunation cycle and her transits as guidance for creative relating. Develop a daily practice aligned with the lunation cycle to amplify the potency and precision of your creative processes. Receive personal astrological insights to illuminate your signature lunar geometrics. Engage somatic practices that ¬†amplify our deepest intuitive and sensual power. Open our fullest embodied presence to the ecstatic flow of life, and trust this moving intelligence as a luminous guide for our becoming. Experience a collective weave that nourishes, supports, and encourages the clearest embodiment and expression of our highest dreams and visions.   METHOD: Contemplation with Lunation Cycles in real-time via kriyas to nourish and amplify subtle sensory communication and intuition – We listen to the Language of the Moon. Simple rituals to invoke the magic of communing with the living world and explore ecotones of evolution. Unique Daily Practices weaving meditation, mantra, breath work, stillness, sound, movement, astrology, and journaling for integration of emergent teachings. Guided Inquiry in community via interactive group exercises and conversation, source texts, self-study and reflection. Ceremony and Collective Ritual conjuring Shakti Power that flows from our hearts into brilliant channels of divine

Emotional Release with Amanda Hook

February 2, 2021
¬†tools to identify emotions + language for authentic connection   EMOTIONAL RELEASE is a Virtually Offered Online Course February¬†27th,¬†2021¬†|¬†10-2 ¬†¬†February¬†28th,¬†2021¬†|¬†12-4 with guide Amanda Hook     What is Emotional Release? Emotional release is a means of releasing blocked energy from the body. Emotional Blockages manifest in the tissues of our body causing Pain, Tension, Mood swings, Anxiety and Depression. During the course we will look at identifying if someone is holding onto emotions causing an Energy Blockage. Gain a deeper understanding of how emotions affect our bodies and how to identify and respond to someone who is experiencing an emotional release. ¬∑ At the end of the course, participants will be able to: Describe at least 5 signs of emotional stress. Know the difference between emotions and feelings. Identify at least 5 signs of an Emotion Release. Know what to do when someone is experiencing an Emotional Release. Be able to create a safe space for people to be free with their Emotions. Leave with the tools to set up a virtual or in person self help group to, aid ¬†Family and Friends in their communities.  

Intro to Craniosacral Therapy with Amanda Hook

February 2, 2021
INTRO TO CRANIOSACRAL Lead by Amanda Hook. February 19th, 2021 ¬†| ¬†9 – 5 Intuitive Bodywork for Trauma Informed Release – Connecting with the Cranial Pulse as a navigation tool in bodywork sessions and identifier of dysfunction. Learn to identify the system, use the system to assess clients and relieve clients of disfunction through craniosacral therapy. With this course you will harness the skills to effectively remedy emotional or physical disfunction and pain This is course is great for those in the fields of:¬†Nursing, CMTS, Chiropractic,¬†Acupuncture, Physical Therapy, Massage, Energy Work, and More! This in person course will take place at Sacred Roots Holistic Healing in Long Beach, at our medical grade facility.¬†To attend, a¬†negative¬†COVID-19 test from two days prior is required.  

Self Care Membership

December 18, 2020
    Relieve stress with our Signature Massage Therapy sessions, offering Lavender Relaxation or Orange Blossom Rejuvenation. Our Signature Therapists will tailor the session to your body’s unique needs.   With your road map to self care you will experience: 12¬†X¬†60¬†minute¬†Signature¬†Massage¬†Sessions¬†(SMT) 4¬†X¬†30¬†minute¬†Infrared¬†Sauna¬†Sessions a physical copy of the “Sacred Self Care Exploration Guide” book written by Sacred Roots founding mothers. Quarterly¬†Self¬†Care¬†Consultants  

Fruition Friday with Charlie Briggs #thirdfriday

December 14, 2020
Self Care is more important than ever. We will be creating a space of healing for your mind, body, and spirit. Nourishing and allowing your subtle energies to re-align. Sounds created by sacred traditional instruments.

Fourth Friday Sound – Restore, Relax, Recharge

October 13, 2020
Please join us for a beautiful evening to Restore, Relax and Recharge.  Our Sound Bath will be led by Biba Millstein who has been offering Sound Baths in the Long Beach area for the past year.  The evening will open with a relaxing meditation and visualization, followed by a sound bath led by Biba.  If you would like to upgrade the experience, we are offering foot massages by the incredible students of the Panacea Health Institute and you can also purchase a vegan meal to enjoy outside after the experience.   This center is a beautiful space for optimal healing.  Please note, each participant will have their own bed/cot that has been sanitized and everyone will be at least 6 feet apart for the sound bath.    Thank you and we look forward to seeing you there!  РBiba & The Sacred Roots Holistic Healing Center 

First Friday Sound Sanctuary with Sopurkh

October 11, 2020
FIRST FRIDAY’S SOUND SANCTUARY: This Sound Sanctuary is a space for surrender. We create a quantum soundweave that supports us as we cut through psychic and somatic debris to open spaces of movement and creativity / Nourishing waves of sound attune energetic constellations for optimal regeneration. Enhances realms of meditation, sleep and dream. Gong is an oracle of sound creating optimal frequency for the flow of life. Tantric diagonal force cuts through psychic and somatic debris to open spaces of movement and creativity / Nourishing waves of sound attune energetic constellations for optimal regeneration. Enhances realms of meditation, sleep and dream.

Sound + Meditate = Heal with Lynda Arnold

September 30, 2020
SOUND + MEDITATION = HEALING Join Lynda Arnold aka Divasonic for a relaxation and expanding Vocal Toning and Sound Meditation at Sacred Roots Holistic Healing on 2nd Fridays beginning September 11, 2020. Sound Meditation combines the benefits of mindfulness meditation with focused and contemplative listening. As you relax deeply listening to the various sounds from Himalayan Bowls, Gong, Flutes, Voice, Drums, Chimes and more, you activate the healing and restorative mechanisms of the body.  Come clear your mind and allow your body some much needed time to recharge. Nourishment is key during these challenging times! Sessions begin with a vocal toning meditation.  We will use our voices for guided breath release and toning vowel, mantra or seed sounds.  Using the voice as an introduction to the sound meditation allows you to drop in quickly into the moment and move energy with your own sounding vibrations. After activating the life force energy in our bodies through the use of our voices, you are invited to drop into the deep listening session with the masterful playing and sonic toolset of Lynda Arnold. These sessions are limited to 10 people max and follow strict COVID safety protocols.  Add a vegan meal from Under the Sun and/or a foot massage to your experience! More information about Lynda: 510.469.6295

Panacea Student Massage Clinic

September 18, 2020
Happening Every Thursday and rotating weekend dates. Email us at to reserve and appointment

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  • Weekly Sitting Group with Cayce Howe + Wendy Block
  • Weekly Sitting Group with Cayce Howe + Wendy Block
  • Weekly Sitting Group with Cayce Howe + Wendy Block

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