Winter Gallery 2020

By Sacred Roots Holistic Healing 2 years ago

Jessica Weymouth


Long Beach, California based Watercolor and Illustration artist who combines the natural with the otherworldly to create dynamic, thought-provoking work. Currently focusing much of her work within the celestial spaces, lunar cycles, and natural elements of our planet – her work can be described as Dreamscape Surrealism, oftentimes incorporating healing elements as well as conservation storylines inspired by her studies in Environmental Science and Ecology. More than an artist, Jessica wants to be a female who empowers -through example- other women to chase their calling, and fiercely pursue their passions. She has a keen heart for nature, the cosmos, the wonderfully vast sea and all the beautiful creatures that spin with this orbital planet – and she loves putting these elements into new light and allowing them to be seen from her perspective. Her hope is to bring awareness to the beauty and to motivate protection of our natural resources, as well as simply bring joy and inspiration through her work.


Kadie DiCarlo

Kadie DiCarlo fuses linear abstraction with heavy atmosphere to create stark mental landscapes.  Drawing from life experience she nods to chaotic calm and aims to destroy familiarity in the schematic realm.


Sacred Roots Holistic Healing Presents

A Quarterly Artist Showcase curated to fit the seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn.

Sacred Roots Holistic Gallery brings connection with the earth. Rooted in mindfulness, sustainability and environmental awareness. Offering seasonally curated collections to inspire nature-mindedness and healing, internally and universally. Nothing is more awakening than the warm and vibrant sun every morning….The more we commune with nature and the rhythms of our planet, the more we find our true essence lightening and awakening!

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