Vision Board Workshop SAT JAN 13th, 1-230 or 3-430pm

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Vision Board Workshops!

Let’s use art to mindfully set intentions for 2018!  A Vision Board is as much about the product as it is the process. Choosing what to include and exclude on your board helps to clarify what is important to you, and set your goals.  Creating a Vision Board in a group setting is great for feeling a sense of accountability to these goals.  Shannon Loos of Unfolding Potentials will guide you to connect to your intuition, and create a visual reminder of your goals with symbols using pre-cut collage images, drawings, and color choices.  Shannon will provide art materials to add to your board. **Please bring your own base for the Vision Board.**  A foam core poster board is recommended, but feel free to be get creative thinking about how your Vision Board will be displayed, etc.

This workshop takes place on Saturday January 13th, 1-230pm or 3-430pm. The fee for each workshop is $20.

Additional Options: 

  1. Bring some of your own images ( pre cut images from magazines, flyers, photos, etc) to use on your board or to share with the community collection.
  2. Contact Shannon by January 9th to have her provide a foam core poster board for your vision board. This costs an additional $5
  3. Attend both workshops for $30 ( note 30 minute break in between)

Visit  for more information and to sign up OR email Shannon at * Please indicate which time you would like to attend ( 1 or 3 pm) or if you’d like to attend both.

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