Unlock the Magic of your Womb: THURS JUL 27, 7-9pm

By Sacred Roots Holistic Healing 1 year ago

Unlock the Magic of your Womb and Restore Balance to your Feminine Cycles

Tonight we are offering a rare opportunity to embark on a sacred medicine journey to unlock the magic of our wombs and learn the ancient women’s wisdom ritual of yoni steaming to restore balance to our feminine cycles.

During our time together, you will experience how the incredible healing power of plants works in tune with your physical and emotional body, restoring balance and health through nutrients, phytochemicals and intention. We will deepen our understanding of how we trap emotions in our womb, how to detoxify our anger and resentment, clearing the space to unlock our highest human potential for creativity and abundance to enter our lives. We will share ancient womens wisdom secrets to making magic happen in your life every day. You will receive applicable knowledge and instruction on how to incorporate the practice of yoni steaming into your busy life, restoring balance to your feminine cycles, including:

*PMS symptoms (cramps, bloating, pain, headaches)
*Detoxification from environmental factors
*Cleansing (UTI, yeast, viral)
*Increase fertility
*Support menopause transitions
*Postpartum depression
*Ignite sensual passion and sexual desire
*Boost immune system and fortify against cancer and other degenerative diseases
*Connect and harmonize with the divine spark of your inner woman.

***For more info visit: SacredLotusYoniSteam.com

Cost: $22 SuggestdDonation

To Register email Sabrina Vedete: salve.program@gmail.com

Please bring medium size heat safe bowl, ankle length skirt or wrap, yoga mat, socks, and blanket.

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