Trauma Release Experience – Monday, May 20th

By Sacred Roots Holistic Healing 2 years ago
trauma release experience
with Garrett Wood of Gnosis Therapy in Long Beach
Time of event : 6:30-8pm
Cost: 5$ donation.
Most people have experienced involuntary shaking (neurogenic tremors) such as ‘shaking like a leaf’ or ‘knocking knees’ after a severe shock or fright, when extremely nervous (such as before public speaking) or even in moments of extreme excitement and joy.

The tremors are the central nervous system’s innate way of discharging excessive tension through the rapid muscle contraction and relaxation of the tremors to calm the body down from an over excited adrenal state.

Neurogenic tremors are innate to all mammals and are easily observed as a horse sends a tremor through its’ entire body after a fall. Other examples are gazelles shaking after escaping a lion attack, ducks flapping their wings after a fight or the rapid vibration felt holding a scared rabbit or guinea pig.

In most western cultures, these tremors are seen as a sign of weakness and vulnerability, tending to be suppressed or avoided resulting in chronic pain and tension rather than allowing them to organically restore the body to balance.

Meet Garrett:
Many of us have lived through chronic stress and trauma carry these experiences with us. This trauma takes a toll on our physical, psychological, emotional and social health. Develop your innate mammalian ability to regulate your Autonomic Nervous System through neurogenic tremoring. Join Garrett owner Gnosis Therapy, Long Beach’s #1 Mindbody clinic for an evening of movement, music and mindfulness.

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