Summer Gallery 2019

By Sacred Roots Holistic Healing 3 years ago

Summer Holistic Gallery Opening

Featured Artists

Sayer Danforth

Born and raised in Denver CO, Sayer moved to California to go to art school in 1999. For the entirety of Sayer’s life he has been conceiving creative ideas and breathing life into them by any means necessary. He is a classically trained designer, habitually a painter, a self taught craftsmen, and professionally a videographer. Not bound by style or trend, Sayer follows his intuition into deeper realms to abstract meaning and form artistic theories. Sayer currently resides in Long Beach CA.

Alicia Haberman

From a signature free-flowing style of illustration, to custom graphics & set design, Alicia Haberman constantly strives to put a unique stamp on her work. Dividing her time between New York and Los Angeles, Alicia is currently a Sr. Designer for Pop2life,  Condé Nast’s award winning experiential marketing agency. Some of her latest projects: The Daily Show Presents: The Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library, Broad City’s Life Size Coloring Book, SundanceTV’s Festival HQ 2016-2018, among many others. Alicia’s versatile graphic and scenic design background can be attributed to 12 years of experience in film & branded entertainment. Alicia launched her career in 2005 as a creative assistant for the acclaimed French film director, Michel Gondry. She has lent her unique artistic vision to a variety of networks, brands, and musical acts. This includes promotional art and set design for television (SundanceTV, South Park, CONAN, The Daily Show), music videos (White Stripes, 50 Cent, Beck, Kanye West), & film (Science of Sleep, Be Kind Rewind).

Alexandra Vanasse

As a Natural Fiber Artist and Holistic Home Designer, Alexandra’s
intention is to create art and living environments that evoke a deeper
sense of self-awareness and earthen sustainability.
She carefully curates her sources and materials with a high standard
of quality, simplicity, and functionality.
Each art piece and space she designs has a special story that supports
and inspires insightful connection to personal health and creative
growth which act as a constant reminder of individual intrinsic value.



Sacred Roots Holistic Healing Presents

A Quarterly Artist Showcase curated to fit the seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn.

Sacred Roots Holistic Gallery brings connection with the earth. Rooted in mindfulness, sustainability and environmental awareness. Offering seasonally curated collections to inspire nature-mindedness and healing, internally and universally. Nothing is more awakening than the warm and vibrant sun every morning….The more we commune with nature and the rhythms of our planet, the more we find our true essence lightening and awakening !

This holistic gallery founded in September 2017 with Andrew Pisula of Vagabond
Carving, Sarah Pinsky and Jocelyn Fee Miller at Sacred Roots Holistic Healing.

  Sacred Roots Holistic Gallery
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