Summer Gallery – Fri Jul 13 – 6:00-10:30pm

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Our Summer Solstice Artist Showcase is:

This Summer Solstice Showcase includes 3 talented Artists: Featured artist Karen Redding, as well as artwork by Cayce Howe and Ms. Yellow from Pow Wow Long Beach! View selected artwork and read artist bios below.

In addition to fine art, there will be a vegetarian potluck, live music, and an opportunity to come together with community.

Karen Redding

Karen K Redding, is a fine art photographer, is a resident of Laguna Beach and avid world traveler. Karen’s background as a psychotherapist and dharma/meditation teacher at InsightLA, inspires a deep relationship to her subject and offers a reflective interpretation of what she sees.

Travels Through Humanity is the name of her growing body of photographic work, taken in remote places throughout the world. It has received attention in several art exhibits in Southern California.

This body of work, called AWAKENING, features compelling images of sacred places photographed in Sri Lanka, India, and the Kingdom of Bhutan. The work hopes to transport each of us to those sacred places that connect us to our essential Buddha nature and common humanity when we can meet ourselves and each other in a more kind and compassionate way.


Cayce Howe

Cayce Howe is a Senior Dharma/Meditation Teacher for InsightLA, and is a primary teacher at their Long Beach chapter. Cayce’s meditation practice and study spans over 25 years, including living and working for nearly 6 years in meditation retreat settings and participating in a one year retreat in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. Cayce has dedicated himself to assisting others in discovering the benefits of meditation.

He hopes that his art can support the direct realization of the true nature of all things- love.

Artist Statement:

“Art of the 3 Kayas

All of the art you will find is a combination of only 3 colors. The colors represent the “Three Kayas” in Tibetan Buddhism.

 Dharmakaya- Formless Realm

Sambhogakaya- Light, Energy Realm

Nirmanakaya- Form Realm

The art itself can be used as a tool for meditation, an entry or doorway to direct experience.

Each piece represents the dance between the formless realm of unity, the dualistic characteristics of form and the light energy that allows us to walk between the two.”

Ms. Yellow

Ms.Yellow (real name Nuria Ortiz) is an international muralist, artist, craftswoman and jewelry maker. Born in Long Beach, Ca of Mexican descent, she has dedicated her life to the creative development and empowerment of community and youth through direct engagement. Her goal has been to utilize her knowledge and help bring people together in using art as a therapeutic release. She has worked closely with schools, community centers, boys and girls clubs etc to develop workshops and mentorship to the youth.

As a muralist Ms.Yellow has worked with communities to bring colorful murals with dreamy color schemes and endless detail to the masses. Her works center on themes such as culture, sisterhood, education, unity, love and social justice. Her artwork and murals have been on display in museums, galleries, and streets around the world such as Spain, France, Mexico and Egypt.


Sacred Roots Holistic Healing Presents

A Quarterly Artist Showcase curated to fit the seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn.

Sacred Roots Holistic Gallery brings connection with the earth. Rooted in mindfulness, sustainability and environmental awareness. Offering seasonally curated collections to inspire nature-mindedness and healing, internally and universally. Nothing is more awakening than the warm and vibrant sun every morning….The more we commune with nature and the rhythms of our planet, the more we find our true essence lightening and awakening !

This holistic gallery founded in September 2017 with Andrew Pisula of Vagabond
Carving, Sarah Pinsky and Jocelyn Fee Miller at Sacred Roots Holistic Healing.

  Sacred Roots Holistic Gallery
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