Sound + Meditate = Heal with Lynda Arnold

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Join Lynda Arnold aka Divasonic for a relaxation and expanding Vocal Toning and Sound Meditation at Sacred Roots Holistic Healing on 2nd Fridays beginning September 11, 2020.

Sound Meditation combines the benefits of mindfulness meditation with focused and contemplative listening. As you relax deeply listening to the various sounds from Himalayan Bowls, Gong, Flutes, Voice, Drums, Chimes and more, you activate the healing and restorative mechanisms of the body.  Come clear your mind and allow your body some much needed time to recharge. Nourishment is key during these challenging times!

Sessions begin with a vocal toning meditation.  We will use our voices for guided breath release and toning vowel, mantra or seed sounds.  Using the voice as an introduction to the sound meditation allows you to drop in quickly into the moment and move energy with your own sounding vibrations. After activating the life force energy in our bodies through the use of our voices, you are invited to drop into the deep listening session with the masterful playing and sonic toolset of Lynda Arnold.

These sessions are limited to 10 people max and follow strict COVID safety protocols.  Add a vegan meal from Under the Sun and/or a foot massage to your experience!

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