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Massage Therapy

Full body relaxation and wellness starts with touch and manual attention. All our hands on healing combines modern & ancient techniques to optimize your physical health!

Jason MillerJocelyn Fee MillerAmber DanksHeidi SantosSignature Massage Therapy

 Jason Miller   

Infrafred Sauna

A dry heat sauna for optimal detoxification, pain relief, tissue softening + more!


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Cupping Therapy

Ancient modality using negative pressure cups to draw the fluids and tissues to the surface. Great for acute discomfort, detoxification & blood health.

Jason MillerDr. Joni Stier – Jocelyn Fee MillerAmber Danks

 Jason Miller   


Traditional Chinese medicine approach bringing balance to the body’s meridians using needles, herbs + beyond.

Dr. Joni Stier

Sound Healing

Sound as medicine. Allow the energetic body to be lulled into meditation with the aid of sound frequency.

Lynda ArnoldSound Healing Explorations + Sound Bath Events



Universal healing modality offered one on one – connecting us with our natural state of relaxation, allowing for deep emotional and energetic replenishment.

Brook AlbrigoJason MillerAmber Danks

Brook Albrigo Jason Miller 

Meditation Guidance

Personal trainer for the mind stuff. Welcome to your jedi training. Join our group sit or request one on one support.

Cayce HoweSunday Sit – Insight LAJocelyn Fee Miller