Self Care Club (6 weeks)

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Self Care Club

6 week course of self development and personal growth with Panacea Holistic Institute Alumni Braja + Keirsten

Starts: Thursday Oct 14th 2021 through November 18th 2021

7:00 – 8:30 pm

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Learn to utilize and integrate sacred practices into your life: Yoga, Mind/Body Awareness, Ayurveda, Mindfulness, Self Massage, Healthy Digestion, Nutrition, Sound Healing, Mantra, Meditation, Self Reflection to enhance Quality of Life, Self Empowerment Techniques and Deepen Relationship with ‘Self’

Each participant will receive a copy of the Sacred Self Care Exploration Guide written and created by Sacred Roots founding mother’s Jennifer Ahn + Jocelyn Fee Miller.



Meet Braja Kishori

Braja Kishori, owner and founder of Purnam Wellness, is a Long Beach native with a strong passion for the healing arts. After graduating from CSULB with a degree in Psychology, she’s spent the majority of her adult life immersed in studying &/or becoming certified in different types of alternative healing modalities such as yoga, meditation, Eastern Vedic philosophy, Ayurveda, plant based nutrition, birth & death work, and massage therapy. Braja is always seeking new ways to understand the human experience, and lives to share that knowledge with others, in an effort to help make their lives more comfortable and deeply fulfilling.


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