Sacred Sound Self Mastery Immersion

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Friday, Sept. 10th 10a-4p

Saturday, Sept. 11th 10a-4p

Sunday, Sept. 12th 12-4p


In this workshop, we will learn the principal study of Sound vibration;  how to approach and play sacred instruments,  their different qualities and tones, learn and  practice techniques to prepare for sound bath  experience. Sound vibration is the energy we  carry within and how we express ourselves to the  world. Learning the art and science of sound  strengthens our nervous system, relaxes the mind  bodies and brings a deeper understanding of the  universe we live in.

Sound vibration has become highly popular all  around the world, yet sound instruments have  been around for thousands of years, yet here we  are at this time diving into the mysterious wave  of sound vibration. It has been said by many  great enlightened beings from the past that  sound is for the modern mind, that sound will be  the wave of the future for humanity!

This practice is for everyone who seeks it, the  teacher, doctor, practitioner, massage therapist,  therapist, healers, yoga teachers and for ones  own personal practice.

Experience for yourself this branch of knowledge  which is Sound Vibration!


I invite you to join me for this three day journey  into Sound. This is a hands on workshop with the  opportunity to play various sacred instruments  including; planetary gongs, crystal bowls,  Tibetan singing bowls, drums, chimes, bells,  nature instruments and more. We will also be examining the chakras, elements, breath work,  yoga Nidra and brainwave frequency, for  optimal sound bath experience.

This workshop will give you confidence in  facilitating sound baths, it will give you a sense  of how mantra & breath work practices enhance  sound bath experience, it will give you a overall general knowledge of creating a sacred space for  yourself and for others.

Mastery is what we strive to become (mind) but  the journey is really the jewel of the path (heart).

Self Investment of $555 

Early Bird Rate $444

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Flowing with divinity and keeping all things sacred, Giselle Abadie is dedicated to the science of yoga and sound vibration. 

Giselle is a certified Yoga teacher and certified Sound practitioner, combining her experience in Sound vibration, Kundalini Yoga, Hatha, Ayurveda, Tantra, Chanting and Meditation. Giselle performs and guides sound bath workshops, teacher trainings programs, private healing sessions, festivals, including Joshua Tree Music Festival and Bhakti Fest, she has also taught at YogaWorks in the OC and LA regions, and the world renown spa, The Pearl Retreat Center in Laguna Beach. Giselle is also a member of Lynda Arnold’s acclaimed all women’s group The Sonic Devas, performing in the Los Angeles area.

Giselle has been a facilitator in the esoteric science of sound for a decade now, creating an environment where participants may move deeper in the space of healing, guided by planetary gongs, Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, chimes, bells, frame drum and other various sacred instruments, incorporating the sensory sound qualities of these tools to the elemental energies for a whole body holistic experience.

Giselle has a sound/ meditation CD entitled “Cosmic Cycles” which has an enchanting, deep blend of beautiful sounds guiding you on a sound meditation journey through the eight phases of the moon cycles, including sounds of the ocean waves during full and new moon. 

Giselle’s heart felt vision is to share the teachings of sound with others, so people can create their own sound experience for their home, children, friends, work and personal practice. She now is focusing her attention on trainings for future sound healers.

Giselle’s trainings include five year training with Sotantar Suraj’s Gong Academy (sound therapy), 200 Hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training from Yoga West, 200 Hour YogaWorks Teacher Training, an education in Ayurvedic Health from the California College of Ayurveda. Currently she is studying the frame drum and vocal exploration with the incredible devotional singer and Frame drum artist Miranda Rondeau and also international musician and artist River Guerguerian.

Sharing any teachings that she has learned through her spiritual journey has been Giselle’s passion, always remaining a student of yoga, music and sound with an insatiable thirst to live from the heart, to dance with joy, sing from the soul, to love all beings and to remain always a humble seeker of truth, love and devotion.

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