Reiki and Sacred Sound Bath 1/25

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Reiki and Sacred Sound Bath with Janell Shun and guest
1/25 7:30pm-9pm


Reiki can help everyone including persons:
* with emotional blockages/suppressed feelings
* who have physical discomfort or pain
* that are suffering from illness
* who are stressed or have trouble sleeping
* who suffer from depression/anxiety
* who seek mental clarity
* who want to feel energized and balanced
* who are cleansing/ detoxifying their bodies

Sacred Healing Tools such as Planetary Tuned Gongs, Shamanic Drumming, Full Moon Singing Bowls, Chimes and our voices will be used to clear and heal for our highest good.

Sound Healing Benefits:
– Strengthening Nervous and Glandular System
– Mental Clarity
– Releases toxing from the cells of the body
– Releases energetic blockages
– Releases emotional blockages
– Deep Relaxation
– Deep inner peace
– Releases of energetic blockages and emotional blockages
– Chakra Balancing
– Feeling of Unity…Oneness…
– Amazing Beings including Humans
– Clear out old patterns and blocks from your body enabling healing


JANELL SHUN, is a Reiki Master. Reiki is a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Force Energy. “Rei” mean something that is Universal and “Ki” means Energy. You may also be familiar with the terms “Chi” (Chinese) or “Prana” (Sanskrit). Simply, Reiki means Universal Energy. As a Reiki Master, Janell is able to tap Universal Energy and channel it through her hands and pass it to the receiver by a technique of “laying hands.” The healing energy displaces and replaces negative energy with a positive energy. This helps to relieve physical and emotional ailments and promotes self-healing in your body. For more details please go to:

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