Qi Gong Workshop || Saturday April 13th 2019

By Sacred Roots Holistic Healing 3 years ago

Qi Gong Workshop – Saturday April 13th, 10-12pm

This seminar is designed to give attendees an introduction into Taoist philosophy, introduce the major energetic systems of the human body, and teach students proper Taoist Qi-Gong practice. These cultivation techniques are designed to strengthen the human body, protecting the practitioner from outside forces, promoting health/wellness, and instill inner peace. Attendees will be learning these techniques through a combination of lecture and interactive hands-on participation.

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About Nick:

Nick is a Taoist disciple of the Temple of the Celestial Cloud (Tian Yun Gong) located in Monterey, CA. A diocese of the Longhu Shan (Dragon Tiger Mountain) Monastery in Jiangxi Province, China, where he currently is a student of Esoteric Taoist Mysticism. In 2015, he traveled to China to receive his “Yellow Paper” (a “Vow of Dedication and Obligation,” stating he has received his Taoist Lineage Name, and has become accepted as an Apprentice Candidate under a qualified teacher) thus confirming his place in the Taoist lineage.

He has been practicing Taoist Qi-Gong and meditation for over the past ten years and has been teaching it for the past three years. He has learned an array of Qi-Gong and meditation techniques and exercises from his Taoist teachers (Taoist Abbot Dr. Laura Johnson McCrary and Taoist Priest Diego San Miguel) that he has then crafted to shape each one of his Qi-Gong and meditation classes. Nick believes his purpose is to enrich the lives of others and the world we live in, through brining peace, joy, and contentment to as many as he can through his work.

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