Plant-Spirit-Medicine Ceremony SAT JUN 16th, 430-730pm

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Celebrating our femininity to protect our spirit: An encounter with Amazonian Peruvian curandera, Eda Zavala Lopez

Join us for a two hour blessing circle and prayer where Eda will share prayers and teachings from her Peruvian roots. The circle will include an altar and earth prayer from Eda. In addition, each participant will receive an energy healing blessing from Eda. Eda will also share some medicine songs from the Amazon Jungle and create a beautiful space to explore the connection of Mother Earth’s wisdom and honoring the feminine energy within ourselves during these times.

Bio for Eda:

Eda Zavala Lopez’s mission is to follow Mother Earth’s teachings and walk through all over the Americas, from the South to the North and keep up the internal equilibrium remembering that we all carry an internal light that guides us to the end of the tunnel. She brings a very ancient knowledge from the Amazon and the Andes to remind us humbleness and sacredness. This drives her into this complex time.

Eda holds her master teachers and her intention is to share and keep us informed about the importance of preserving the Rainforest Amazon and protect Indigenous Territories. Her mission is to serve Mother Earth wherever she goes and facing destruction, deforestation and pollution she encourages us to be more aware of why the Amazon is so important to preserve specially far beyond the shamanic purposes.  For more info about Eda visit:

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