Mindful Communication Fall Series: SAT Nov 9th + Dec 14th, 12-3pm

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Fall Mindful Communication Workshop| 12-3pm

Join us this fall for a monthly Mindful Communication Class Series with Founders of Long Beach NVC Jenny Ahn and Rachel Bennish.

Learning to navigate through our emotions takes skill and learning. Many of us early on aren’t taught mindful and compassionate communication skills and struggle with articulating and expressing ourselves fully.  Mindful communication practices provides the tools necessary to increase our awareness of not only how we speak and communicate with others, but most importantly the way in which we speak to ourselves. Join us in this fall series and improve your ability for empathic and authentic connection with yourself and others, and tools to navigate the emotional body with more awareness and compassion.

These classes are based on the principles of Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg and deepen our ability to:

  • Connect to self + others

  • Articulate feelings and thoughts with clarity and purpose

  • Resolve inner conflicts

  • Make peace with ourselves

  • Acknowledge triggers and move through them

  • Forgive + Resolve negativity/resentment

  • Create healthy boundaries for ourselves

  • Listen with compassion


What to expect :

*Interactive partner and group work

*Sacred Space & Confidential learning environment

*Understand your own feelings and needs as well as tuning into others’

*Listen more attentively to others with compassion and empathy


Making Peace with Ourselves: Shifting the inner Dialogue 

Saturday November 9, 12-3pm

Sometimes the most complex and difficult relationship we have is with ourselves. We can be our own harshest critic and easily spiral into self judgment, blame, shame and doubt without even being conscious of it.  We may have trouble or lack the skills to navigate and express our thoughts or hard to digest emotions. Sometimes all it takes is being aware to tap back in to our natural state of compassion.  

In this session, deepen your awareness and capacity for a kinder, compassionate and more accepting relationship with yourself.   Learn what blocks empathy for yourself and others.   Transform blame and self shame and gain the skills to listen to yourself with compassion, empathy, and understanding.  Take a deep breath and lets learn to make peace with ourselves. 

The Exchange:

$45/per class

Link to Pay for Course: https://squareup.com/store/JennyAhn/item/fall-mindful-communication-series


Forgiveness: The Art of Letting Go and Resolving Resentment

Saturday December 14th, 12-3pm

Saying ‘I’m sorry’ and letting go can be hard.   It means we have to be vulnerable and admit there may have been something we did that may have hurt another that we now regret.  It can be even harder if there are still unresolved feelings, resentment, and a loss in connection with that person. Sometimes, we are the ones hoping for an apology and at other times we must learn to forgive ourselves. In this session, learn about the power of forgiveness, letting go, resolving resentment and how to re-establish understanding and connection when there is a break in a relationship.

Mourning and self-forgiveness lead us in the direction of learning and growing. Guilt, shame, and depression obscure possibility and perpetuate a state of self-punishment.” – Marshall Rosenberg

The Exchange:

$45/per class

Link to Pay for Course: https://squareup.com/store/JennyAhn/item/fall-mindful-communication-series

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