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Melissa Botten

Holistic Nutritionist & Yoga Teacher
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Melissa Botten is a Holistic Nutritionist and a Yoga Teacher who believes that, with proper guidance and dedication, powerful healing can occur when these two modalities are aligned. Through her own healing journey and professional studies, she helps others find a balance between what needs attention and what needs to be let go. She teaches people how to heal their bodies by introducing specific plant-based foods, herbs, spices, mindfulness & movement into their daily lives.

Melissa has practiced yoga for 19 blissful years. Over time she began discovering her own mental and physical strengths and started to further deepen her practice, exploring the effects her practice had both on the mat and out in the world throughout her everyday life. What began as a healing journey to learn how to calm her mind blossomed into a way to truly connect with and tune into the core of who she really is. Her specialty is guiding kids and seniors in the healing practices of yoga, meditation & mindfulness living.

Nutritional Consultations.

DNA Stool Analysis via FEBI Organic Genetics Stool Analysis.

Targeted Nutrient Therapy Meal Plans, Gut Healing & Cleansing, Custom Recipe Creation, Plant-Based Diet Transitioning, Alkalinity Balancing, Private Food or Juice Cleansing Programs and Optimum Health Support.

Private Meditation & Yoga Guidance.

By-Monthly Community Group Chair Yoga for Seniors.

Far Infrared Sauna Therapy.