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By Sacred Roots Holistic Healing 2 years ago

Listen Here!

Listen Here!

Practice chanting Sanskrit mantras with a guide, Jocelyn Fee Miller. Learn the basics of Japa mantra + move your way through seven healing and empowering practices – each built to span 40 days. First up: OM. The consciousness of Universal Oneness. Om(Aum)
Chakra designation: Ajna
Mudra: Gyan Mudra or Buddhi Mudra

Om is the primordial sound of all creation, the first sound. It is sometimes known as Pranav, meaning it emanates from Prana, the vital vibration connecting all things. In its sound current, we find bliss and comfort (ahhhhh and mmmmm sounds).

Om or Aum was the first Yoga; the tool to bring enlightenment and divine connection. The sound initiates a universal connection, the universal absolute and invokes 3 possible states of human consciousness:
A the waking state
U dreaming state
M deep sleeping state

The sound of OM begins in the throat with an ahhhh, gathers and rises through the tongue and mouth with oooooo, and culminates at the lips with mmmm ringing like a bell up through The third eye. This vibration breaks through brain chatter and cleanses negativity, replacing with clarity and unity. Deep love ❤️ for collaborators : Mantra Description : Emily McConnell, Production / Host : Noah Le Beau

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