Intro to Intuitive Tarot with Kristi Prokopiak THURS SEPT 29, 7-9pm

By Sacred Roots Holistic Healing 2 years ago

Intro to Intuitive Tarot with Kristi Prokopiak of @ritualtarot

For beginners and seasoned readers a like, this course will help us get to know tarot as a tool for personal growth, healing and evolution. We will discuss the basics of tarot, how to handle and cleanse your cards, journey through the Major Arcana, Minor Arcana and Court cards, help fine tune your personal intuitive insights, and provide basic tarot spreads for guidance and clarity. Tarot is not a fortune telling experience, but rather an intentional tool that shows us exactly what we need to know when we need to know it. Divine guidance and delicious soul expansions await! Bring your favorite deck, an open mind, and a notebook to be christened as your tarot journal.

$25-$35 suggested donation


  Past Events, Sacred Roots
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