A Day of Self Care: Rest + Restore || SATURDAY MAY 25 2019

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Intentional Living Day Retreat~ A day of Self Care

Day Retreat | Yoga + Ayurvedic Workshops | Self Care

Each month expect a seasonally themed workshop based on Yogic + Ayurvedic Living.

Explore Yoga and Meditation, Self Care Lifestyle Practices, Sound Bath, DIY Herbal Teas, Tonics & Tincture, Natural Beauty Product Making Sessions to take home, Medicinal Ghee Making, plus Vedic Astrology offerings.

Restorative Day Retreat: Restore + Rest

Saturday May 25, 12-5pm

May brings us a bountiful sense of lightness! Everyone is outside enjoying the beginnings of heat and Summer’s arrival is upon us. A gentleness and grace moving into the Summer season is what we are calling forth in our Restore + Reset Day Retreat.

Explore Yogic practices to relax the mind and body. We’ll be making a herbal tea blend to cool and calm, and also a Summer scrub to exfoliate and invigorate the skin and senses. End the day retreat with a special sound bath with guest Giselle Abadie

Practices for this day retreat include:

  • Gentle + Restorative Yoga session
  • Chanting + Sound Bath with Special Guest
  • Making Herbal Teas for Summer
  • Summer Beauty Scrub

More about Sound Healing:

Sound Vibration carries the conscious mind into the sea of the cosmos, silencing the active mind where you can enjoy a feeling of peace and total immersion in the present moment.

Enjoy a guided deep sound experience by Giselle Abadie using a variety of sacred instruments including gong, bowls, chimes, frame drum and more, bringing you into a space fullness in body, mind & spirit.

Special Guest: Giselle Abadie:

Flowing with divinity and keeping all things sacred, Giselle Abadie is dedicated to the science of yoga and sound vibration. Like the lotus flower emerging from the deep mud, sound vibration, meditation,  and devotional chanting are powerful keys to open the light within to illuminate your entire being.

Using planetary gongs, Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, chimes, bells, frame drum, her voice and other various sacred instruments, Giselle facilitates sound baths through the elements. incorporating yoga, pranayama practice, meditation, ecstatic movement, chanting and vocal toning.

Giselle performs and guides sound bath workshops for yoga classes, festivals, Teacher training programs, groups and private healing sessions.

She also has a sound/meditation CD entitled “Cosmic Cycles”

RSVP ( limited seating)  | Exchange | $77 | Bring Yourself + a Friend: $122

More info below on our upcoming Summer Self Care Day Retreat


Return to Self | Saturday June 22nd, 11-4pm

Summer is here! How do we navigate the heat and intensity that Summer brings? Softening, surrendering, and practices to stay cool this Summer are key to finding balance within and maintaining our equilibrium and not push full steam ahead. Our Intention for the last of this trilogy are practices that are calming, soothing and cooling for the mind and body as we prepare for the Summer heat.

We’ll also have a very special guest offering Vedic Astrology views on navigating the next half of this year. You will leave with a custom vedic astrology chart of your own, and tools to deepen your understanding of self and the current trends in the cosmos and the roles they play in our lives.

Practices for this day retreat include:

  • Yoga + Pranayama Techniques to Cool + Soften
  • Vedic Astrology with Special Guest Seth Cassidy
  • Lassi Recipe for the Summer Heat
  • Making your own Hydrosol Cooling Face Mist


Event Location: Sacred Roots Holistic Healing | 2841 e Broadway | Sacredrootsholistichealing.com

For more info on events, visit sacredintentionslifstyle.com. Email us if you have any question at sacredintentionslifestyle@gmail.com

Think of it as a Mini Day Retreat. A few hours to be in community and a day of Self care. We look forward to sharing this Sacred Intention Trilogy with you.


Jenny + Anita,

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