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Heidi Santos,  CMT

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Heidi Santos is a compassionate healer and through her understanding of the human frame, her intuitive touch assists in the body’s own ability to heal itself. As a student of dietetics, kinesthetics, ancient philosophy, astronomy/astrology, she feels hardwired into learning, gaining knowledge and wisdom in order to better understand the body’s physiological needs.

The medical benefits of massage therapy can be dated back to thousands of years to ancient Chinese and Egyptian cultures where massage therapy was viewed as one of the most important portals to wellness. In this same manner, Heidi is a strong believer that wellness encompasses a group of practitioners who work together to provide the care customized for each individuals need in an effort to bring the body back to homeostasis. Heidi’s genuine wish for her clients is to bring forth the healing powers of the body, mind, and spirit.

When you align with your calling your path will be illuminated.

~invest in yourself.

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