Food, Sex, Sleep || Sundays May 5th-June 9th 2019

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Series – May 5 – June 9, Sundays 2-4pm

A six week experience into the foundation of wellness lifestyle with Dr. Siva Mohan.

5 live classes + 1 guided home practice.

Focus on self assessment & customized healing with tools from Ayurveda and modern Medicine

Below you will find descriptions and links to each individual workshop, or if you would like to participate in the full series, click here.


How To Eat – May 5

While we’re busy focusing on what we eat, we’re missing a big opportunity to feel better in our digestive experience.

I’ll overview the digestive picture, and highlight powerful changes to how we approach food and eating.

We’ll do a bit of self assessment and you’ll leave with actionable shifts to improve your relationship with food.

Click here to register for: How to Eat 


What to Eat – May 19

There is so much out there on what to eat, and what NOT to eat. It’s overwhelming, and rule-based.

Learn how Ayurveda guides us to adjust our foods, based on what our digestion is communicating with us.

We’ll do self assessments, and you’ll leave with actionable shifts to improve your diet for where you are today.

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Where the Juice Is – May 26

We’ll explore how our lifestyles are affecting our reproductive tissues, our ability to feel inspired, and even our vulnerability to reproductive cancers (some of the most common).

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Rhythms & Rituals – June 2

The most important aspect affecting our sleep is our circadian rhythm. Modern life is often without any rhythm, and this can throw off our internal clock.

Learn how ritual, the sense, and rhythms can support healthy sleep and self care.

Click here to register for: Rhythms & Rituals


Calming Anxiety – June 9

Everyone has it. We’re either meditating or medicating our anxiety. Let’s explore some root causes of anxiety, and learn it’s function in our lives. Of course, we’ll go over nervous system rejuvenation and emotional wellness tools.

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This is part of a LIVE Workshop Series on Food, Eating & Ayurveda over six weeks at Sacred Roots in Long Beach, CA.



About Dr. Siva Mohan

With an MD (focus in psychiatry) and a Masters in Public Health, Siva brings a unique and integrative perspective to Ayurveda. This, combined with her studies in Vedic wisdom, have nurtured her niche: Ayurveda with psycho-spiritual healing. She teaches how to heal yourself by addressing emotions, growing awareness and Ayurveda.

Dr. Mohan’s perspectives have been featured globally in print magazines, online health portals, and TV. Siva teaches at festivals, conferences, yoga TT programs, online summits, and at Loyola Marymount University. Find her articles, videos, online courses, events, and more about her private practice at

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