Five Ways to Integrate Gratitude in our daily Life

By Sacred Roots Holistic Healing 8 years ago

Five Ways to Integrate Gratitude in our daily Life


~ Starting quiet & slow: When first waking in the morning, before our eyes open, allow a moment to lay a hand on the belly and the other hand on the heart. Take five deep breaths (do not open eyes yet!) of gratitude for the day to come and for the dream world that has just passed.

~Before each meal: close eyes & find a breath of gratitude for the food, the farmer, the chef, the purchaser, the delivery person, the garbage collector and your motor skills.

~Recognizing those we share time and space with: When we see an associate or friend, stop everything and take their presence in, greet them (preferably hug) or shake hands, look them in the eyes and allow your respect for them to fill up the room. (avoid awkward length of recognition 😉

~Hands & Feet: When we get home from a day out in the world, take 3- 5 minutes to wash hands and feet. These extremities have been arduously handling and footing all our mind’s ideas, our body’s needs and there are hundreds of pressure points that will help relax the entire being ! Thank you thank you thank you!

~End the day in candle light. Turn off all the electronics in the home – thank them for serving their purpose. Allow the light of the fire to illuminate your sleeping quarters. Breath into the room and welcome the dream world to come and salute the day that has passed.

In Gratitude,

Jocelyn Fee

  Sacred Roots
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