1st Friday Sound Bath with Ed

By Sacred Roots Holistic Healing 6 months ago


Sound meditation is just that: Sound in meditation–meditation in sound. This experience is our time to find freedom in just being our true nature as spirit-soul.
In this experience, we can set aside all of the identities (i.e. name, gender, race & culture, job title and all social responsibilities) and JUST BE! There is healing in just Being!
Various sound frequencies (i.e. sound bowls, gongs, wind chimes, nature sounds, shamanic drumming, flutes etc..) with our willing participation helps release and move all types of energy and promotes flow state and culminates in clarity, energy cleansing, balance, rejuvenation and openness of mind and body. This is the healing and freedom in just Being.
Guided meditation is a collaboration of intentional words, sound frequencies, silence and visualization to explore the depth of our being. The intention to guide awareness to the energy centers of the body (Chakras); to practice the power of visualization, affirmation etc… for deeper connection to our Source or to our Self.
This experience is for what we need in that moment in time (i.e. healing, answers,  clarity, focus, release, energy, time away, relaxation, inspiration, guidance, self care, self love, etc…).


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