Experience the HUM FRI AUG 11, 7-830pm

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Experience The Hum with Sound Vibration-Led by Giselle Abadie

Humming has ancient roots in Tibetan Buddhist, it’s technique is designed to open us to trust, to hear the inner voice of the heart. Humming is a way to center, to calm the mind and recharge our energy field. It has measurable physiological effects, especially in your brain cells. Humming creates this harmonious vibration in the body, using ones own unique vocal tone, this sound takes you away from the endless chatter of the mind and into your body bringing you to a clear, calm space, resting in your heart.
Physically Humming meditation strengthens the throat chakra, improves health by clearing bronchial, lung or chest problems, it is excellent to help with any difficulties in communication, anxiety and emotional problems.

Breath practice is essential for this meditation as the sound only comes out through the breath. Long and deep breathing enables you to open yourself to new levels physically and mentally; spiritually it is what connects us to our body and consciousness.

We will practice this meditation for 20 minutes with 5 minute intervals, first as a group and then in smaller groups. This allows you to feel and witness energy around you, it strengthens your aura and gives you great clarity.

As we circle around resting in our own vibration soar to new heights with a 40 minute Sound bath, using Earth Platonic planetary gong, Tibetan bowls, Ghanta bell, chimes, buffalo & frame drum and song, reawaken to the ecstatic sensation of being IN your body in total peace and liveliness!

Donation/Offering: $18-25
For more info and to RSVP Contact: giselleca4@gmail.com

Or Visit: Devotionalvibrations.com


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