Emotional Release with Amanda Hook

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 tools to identify emotions + language for authentic connection


EMOTIONAL RELEASE is a Virtually Offered Online Course

February 27th, 2021 | 10-2

  February 28th, 2021 | 12-4

with guide Amanda Hook


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What is Emotional Release?

Emotional release is a means of releasing blocked energy from the body.

Emotional Blockages manifest in the tissues of our body causing Pain, Tension, Mood swings, Anxiety and Depression.

During the course we will look at identifying if someone is holding onto emotions causing an Energy Blockage.

Gain a deeper understanding of how emotions affect our bodies and how to identify and respond to someone who is experiencing an emotional release.


At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

Describe at least 5 signs of emotional stress.

Know the difference between emotions and feelings.

Identify at least 5 signs of an Emotion Release.

Know what to do when someone is experiencing an Emotional Release.

Be able to create a safe space for people to be free with their Emotions.

Leave with the tools to set up a virtual or in person self help group to, aid  Family and Friends in their communities.


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