Creating Soul Space: A 2-Part Conscious Interior Design Class TUES OCT 11 + 18

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Creating Soul Space: A 2-Part Conscious Interior Design Class TUES OCT 11 + 18, 7-9pm

In this two-part class series, we’ll discuss how to create “soul space,” a living space just for you that’s inspiring physically, mentally, and spiritually. Through the lens of anthropology and environmental psychology, you’ll learn how and why your environment affects you, how to clear your home of unwanted energy, how to bring health and abundance into your space through intentional design, flow, and alignment, and ultimately, how to uplift and elevate your space to be a truly heartwarming oasis for you.

The first class in this two-part series will focus on assessing and releasing in your space. We’ll perform a space clearing ritual together that you’ll be able to repeat at home. The second class will focus on elevating and celebrating in your space. We’ll chat and discuss exciting design topics over tea in a loose-form class each week.

This class is welcome to all.
Attendees may attend one class for $25 or both at a discounted rate of $40. RSVP required.

Contact Stephanie for more info and to RSVP at:

About Stephanie:

Stephanie Tsai Karlik is the founder and designer behind Mizugiri.

An avid global traveler and linguist, Stephanie spent 10 years overseas (Japan, Taiwan, China, Korea, Indonesia, Argentina, Spain). Along with receiving her M.A. in international relations in Tokyo, specializing in cultural anthropology, Stephanie delved into Japanese design and ikebana. She speaks Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Bahasa Indonesia, and Spanish. Returning to America, Stephanie brought her anthropological training, global travel experience, eye for beauty, and innovative ideas home. She is now honored to do what she loves most, helping others realize their dreams by creating holistically beautiful spaces. Alongside this practice, Stephanie writes regularly on the subject of design anthropology, examining design from various academic perspectives. Stephanie currently lives in Southern California where she enjoys creative writing, dancing tango, practicing kung fu, cooking for friends, continuing to learn languages, and taking travel adventures.


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