Creating Sacred Space w/ Stephanie Karlik TUES MAY 3, 7-9pm

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Sacred Space : A Course with Stephanie Tsai Karlik

In this class, we’ll discuss ancient and global understandings of “space,” including what
makes our space sacred. Through the lens of anthropology and environmental
psychology, you’ll learn how your environment affects you and how to bring health and
abundance into your space, including your home and office, through intentional design,
flow, and alignment. You’ll also learn how to clear your home or office of unwanted
energy and ultimately, how to create beautiful spaces that nurture and inspire you
physically, mentally, and spiritually. We’ll do a space visualization and space clearing
ritual that will be something you can immediately apply to your home and workspace.

Come chat, enjoy tea, and space clear with us!

About Stephanie

Stephanie is the founder and designer behind Mizugiri, a company at the intersection of
holistic design, cultural anthropology, and feng shui. Consulting individuals and groups
on their homes and workspaces, Stephanie’s inspirational ideas are nature­inclined,
globally­infused, and wellness­oriented. Through her design, Stephanie brings the joy of
intentional living and creative energy to her clients.

For more information, please see Stephanie’s website at



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