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Cayce Howe

Mindfulness Meditation Coach
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Want expert meditation instruction? Cayce’s your guy.

Cayce has 25 years of experience in meditation, has lived at meditation retreat centers for nearly 6 years and is a MBSR/Meditation instructor for the renowned InsightLA meditation center based in Santa Monica. In 2014 he founded the Long Beach branch of InsightLA, which has been flourishing ever since.


My Teaching Style

My intention is to love and serve. I believe 100% in empowerment; there is nothing that I share that the client will not learn to do for themselves. I do not wish to act as a crutch but instead a stepping-stone. My clients learn quickly that I do very little, yet what they find within themselves is quite amazing. We already are what we are seeking. Love, approval and appreciation can be felt from the inside. My gift to my clients is simply shining the light on parts of themselves that may have been hidden for some time.

 About My Pricing

My offerings are Dana based. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. Dana means giving. The below pricing are suggested donations. Your donation covers my time, supplies, renting the room as well as covering those that will pay less. Your act of generosity is significant. The Buddha taught that all of the beautiful qualities of heart and mind begin with generosity: Generosity dissolves the separation of self and other… Giver receiver and gift intertwined.

How To Meditate: 6 Week Private, Level 1

You can meditate! I promise. People often tell me, “I can’t meditate”. Usually they are thinking about concentration or “stopping their thoughts”. These are misconceptions.

With the right instruction you will reap the long list of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual benefits that come along with a consistent meditation practice. Did you know that meditators are 12 years younger physiologically compared to their chronological age? Crazy right?

Private meditation instruction is my favorite thing to teach. Why? Because I may be a bit of a perfectionist, and with a 1-1 situation we can go to the depths, answer all your questions and the results are always amazing. The mind is a deep, vast landscape, and I will be there to customize a program that fits exactly what you need, with your lifestyle, challenges and make up.

What is Mindfulness Meditation?

Mindfulness meditation is a 2,500 year old practice originating in Buddhism. Yet, at its core, it is a secular practice free of dogma and religious overtones. Instead it focuses purely on the universal human experience of reality. The meditation practice uses awareness to look at our daily experiences with a non-judgmental spaciousness, giving rise to relaxation and inner peace even amidst life’s biggest challenges.

Mindfulness is the practice of allowing everything to be “as it is” with full non- judgmental acceptance. We are able to accept whatever arises and investigate our experiences with neutrality instead of blindly reacting and launching into our habitual patterns. Every moment becomes new, and along with this freshness comes an innate compassion, stillness and settling calm.

This is why mindfulness is such a powerful tool when dealing with trauma, stress, anxiety, addiction, and basic suffering of the mind. Without a tool to separate ourselves from the actual experience, it’s difficult to gain a larger perspective, to look from the outside in. Mindfulness gives us that perspective, mindfulness is that tool.


6 Weekly Sessions, 1 hour in length

Suggested Donation, Full Course: $450-$550


Mindful Living Coaching

Do you have obstacles in your life that you would like to overcome? What would it be like to reach your optimal potential?

Meditation based practices have been clearing obstacles in people for over 2500 years. We still suffer from the basic ailment as our ancestors. I use these same principles, coupled with my own life experience to help others overcome obstacles and reach their optimal potential.

Life Topics Include:

– Relationships

– High Stress Levels

– Health Obstacles

– Spiritual

– Peak Performance Training

Suggested Donation:

$75-$95 per 1 hour session


* Cayce is currently only teaching groups at Sacred Roots. Please visit to see classes and times. You are also welcome to drop in any Sunday 10-11:30am for the Sunday Sit with either Cayce or Wendy Block facilitating. Thank you! *

Dharma Talk + Meditation

Every Sunday, 10am-11:30am

Group meditation and informational talk on topics of mindfulness
Keep up your current practice or establish a new one! Come together with like minded people as we meditate and discuss prinicples of mindfulness together. No meditation experience necessary.

By Donation


Meditation Instructor Training (MIT)

August – January 2020, a 36 hours curriculum spanning 6 months. Find out more
MIT Details

“I have taken multiple rounds of the 6 week private meditation course with Cayce and found them very beneficial. Mindfulness practice has gave me back my center. I can look at my stress with a different perspective, I’ve gained resilience”

– Bonnie Gatz. DDS

“Cayce has taught both private sessions with myself and also groups at my medical clinic. Mindfulness practice is for everyone in all walks of life. As a doctor I find it extremely helpful to handle my day more efficiently”

– Dr. Claudia Eppele

“Cayce is a mindfulness Yoda whose kind soul and calming presence can quiet the most anxious mind. For years, I’ve tried to meditate on my own but always felt like I was doing it “wrong.” As a recent cancer survivor, I now recognize the importance ofstillness and calm to my overall healing, so mindfulness meditation has become a priority. Cayce and I have been meditating on Skype for months and it has truly helped calm the storm. He has taught me that, “sitting in the quiet is the path. There’s nothing to reveal. It’s the path and the destination.” I am truly grateful that the gift of Cayce appeared when he did. “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

– Rebecca E., Cancer Survivor

“ After sessions with Cayce I can better face unpleasant thoughts without trying to bury them. I have been better equipped to handle the stress of this sometimes chaotic world and experience living with a new awareness.

– Jeff Padgett , Veteran VA Hospital