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June 12, 2013
In a go go world many of us do not check in with themselves, their body, mind or emotions.  As a result we go through many a stressful day without repairing the damage.  We drive in our cars for hours on end in a contained space with artificial air, plunk ourselves into an office without natural
Sacred Roots

5 Ingredients Every Woman Needs for Sanity

June 6, 2013
Being an independent woman can take its toll on your mind, body & spirit. Here’s why. You have to pay your bills, which may mean work a job that you really isn’t your passion & with people that you tolerate rather than enjoy. You are also likely taking care of another person- a

Hello! Sacred Roots has a blog now!!!

March 30, 2013
Welcome to our new site, our new blog, and our sacred space! We are going to be blogging weekly on various healing topics and DIY tips on HOW TO heal yourself, from all the amazing practitioners here at Sacred Roots Holistic Healing! We are here to empower you with the tools to take charge of your