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September Astrology: Astrological Qualities and Healing

September 6, 2013
Every astrological sign is influenced by one of three qualities being either Cardinal, Fixed, or Mutable. Although our personal charts integrate all of the signs to varying degrees, most people know their sun sign. The sun sign represents our true self, encouraging us  throughout our life to
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Re-emergence of the Feminine

August 20, 2013
The image of the Goddess always intrigued me. There was a deep yearning to understand the meaning behind these beautiful and some fierce deities such as Kali ( Hindu Goddess of Destruction). Later did I realize that the Gods and Goddesses represent qualities that we all possess. And that
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Relaxation, Romance and Somatic Sensing

August 9, 2013
So much of our communication is “below our words”.  Our body language, nervous system and general “energy” sends off signals and receives them to interpret. Romantic relationships and run on non-verbal communication.  We “sense” a connection with a partner. 
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Feeling Alive Under the Summer Skies

August 2, 2013
Hi Everyone and Happy August! Taken a vacation yet? What do you mean, what vacation?This month, lets look at your Sun sign for inspiration to seek out activities that will recharge your spirit. Take in some fresh air and ~breathe deeply~ Aries: Put out physical labor on a project you are excited
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The Four Constants To Staying and Getting Out of Pain

July 21, 2013
The Four Constants To Staying and Getting Out of Pain. This blog post is about the Four Constants. They are both simple and profound. Ideas of these constants are adapted from the amazing work of Rossiter, a form of Structural human Integration. It would have been easy to write a blog just on each
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The Energy of Summer + My Favorite Fruity Summer Drinks

July 15, 2013
Summer is here, and with that, the energy of expansion, fruition, self-expression, exploration, dreams coming true.  Seeds we planted in the wintertime are now plump, ripe, and juicy fruits, ready to be devoured with gratitude + love.  If we are not liking what we see, if we are feeling stuck, we
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We be “Green”!!

July 10, 2013
At Sacred Roots we are committed to being a good example for our clients regarding how to treat and take care of our bodies,  but also in the way that we live our lives on a day to day basis. There really is no difference. Once we start to take care of ourselves in one aspect of our being whether
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Power of the Will

June 25, 2013
You have the power to control your state/vibration at will. At any moment you can shift to a higher more positive vibration. It does not matter what outside circumstances are going on. It does not matter if there is a full moon or if mercury is in retrograde. You are not an animal or lower life
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July Astrology: Looking up to see Within

June 25, 2013
Looking up to see within The July skies ask us to take it all in and check it all our. Healing opportunities come to us via many sacred routes. If life is to be a school of the soul, let astrology be a guidance counselor, showing ways to deal with the teachers ( planets) and the courses ( cycles
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Five Ways to Integrate Gratitude in our daily Life

June 20, 2013
Five Ways to Integrate Gratitude in our daily Life ~ Starting quiet & slow: When first waking in the morning, before our eyes open, allow a moment to lay a hand on the belly and the other hand on the heart. Take five deep breaths (do not open eyes yet!) of gratitude for the day to come and
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June 12, 2013
In a go go world many of us do not check in with themselves, their body, mind or emotions.  As a result we go through many a stressful day without repairing the damage.  We drive in our cars for hours on end in a contained space with artificial air, plunk ourselves into an office without natural
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5 Ingredients Every Woman Needs for Sanity

June 6, 2013
Being an independent woman can take its toll on your mind, body & spirit. Here’s why. You have to pay your bills, which may mean work a job that you really isn’t your passion & with people that you tolerate rather than enjoy. You are also likely taking care of another person- a