By Sacred Roots Holistic Healing 8 years ago
In a go go world many of us do not check in with themselves, their body, mind or emotions.  As a result we go through many a stressful day without repairing the damage.  We drive in our cars for hours on end in a contained space with artificial air, plunk ourselves into an office without natural light and never take a minute to check in with ourselves.  As a result we become more and more alienated from other people in our professional, public an intimate lives, removed from our ultimate resource, nature and its infinite abundance and even ourselves.
Without the necessary check-in  to self, others and the planet we become anxious with the unwarranted fear of being alone in the universe. We feel closed in and alienated.  Panic, anxiety and fear is a sane response to an insane existence in a false reality.
Somatic therapy help us tap into our relationship with ourselves through reconnecting with the language of bodily sensation which we were all born with.  Tapping into what is below the words and part of our innate mammalian existence helps us become whole and reconnected with all reality.
A quick tip to assist you in reconnecting with your whole and embodied self is through breath.  Take a 100 deep breaths with the exhale being twice as long as the inhale.  You will notice an increased ability to sense your body, observe you thoughts without reaction and a grounding of your body.
Looking forward to your experience with this exercise!
Amy Kayden
Somatic Therapist
  Sacred Roots
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