About Sacred Roots

Sacred Roots Holistic Healing was formed in the fall of 2012 with the intention to create an alternative healing hub for the city of Long Beach.

Kailey Waite, Jocelyn Miller and Jenny Ahn came together with the common goal of opening arms and allowing professionals a space to practice their passion, as well as creating an alternative health venue for the public and practitioners alike to engage in educational workshops. Sacred Roots Holistic Healing began with a spark and illuminates our vast community of healing artists.

Kailey Waite

Sacred Roots has existed in my heart long before its physical existence in Aug 2011.  In the growth of our center since then, I have discovered that this has been a collective dream of all involved and to all it serves. I am thrilled to see our vision of wellness flourish throughout the community.  The need for a sacred space to share and pass on knowledge on health and empowerment, and support through service is something all communities should have. I am honored to be apart of this journey and amazed by the incredible people Sacred Roots brings together.

Jocelyn Fee Miller

Having an innovative healing space in our city allows so many ‘seekers’ the opportunity to explore alternative health & connect with others in our field. Having creative freedom, emotional safety and a professional space permits our deepest dreams to blossom!  Low-cost healing clinics, magnetizing international health professionals to share their gifts & watching like-minded individuals collaborate for our community’s highest good!
Opening Sacred Roots is a dream come true. Thank You for allowing your greatest potential to bloom!

Jenny Ahn

I am excited to be a part of an amazing team of skilled and dedicated practitioners creating positive change and transformation in the world. This is more than just a job-its my life passion and I am grateful to work alongside two inspiring and powerful women: Jocelyn Fee and Kailey Waite.

I want to share with the world the healing potential we have as individuals, but even greater if we work together, because ” it takes a village!” Community, teamwork, lifting one another up, expansion and growth for all is my intention for Sacred Roots.

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