5 Ingredients Every Woman Needs for Sanity

By Sacred Roots Holistic Healing 8 years ago
healthy womanBeing an independent woman can take its toll on your mind, body & spirit. Here’s why. You have to pay your bills, which may mean work a job that you really isn’t your passion & with people that you tolerate rather than enjoy. You are also likely taking care of another person- a friend, lover, child, or parent to one degree or another. And in the midst of it all, you may have lost sight of that dream that you had in the height of your most passionate & authentic self (this is usually when you’re a teen on the brink of freedom). Here are 5 important ingredients to sanity. Sanity being living a physically, emotionally, & spiritually healthy & fulfilling life. 
     The key to good sleep is two-fold. First thing, you need to be active & productive. If you plop yourself down after work because your “tired,” heads up, you’re probably at best bored & at worst depressed. In fact,  people often confuse boredom with depression. Check-in with yourself by asking am I bored or lonely? Am  I bored or sad? Other words to test: frustrated, disappointed, discouraged etc. If you’re bored, do something! My mom somehow always found something for me to do when I was bored- clean a cabinet, wash the dishes, fold laundry, go play outside etc. And if it’s somewhere between loneliness & sadness, go do something! Once you respect the emotion by doing something that nourishes your spirit your body will communicate when it needs sleep & it will be a really great sleep.
The second part to good sleep are the logistics- comfortable place to sleep, silence, & darkness. If you can’t sleep in darkness & silence, that’s another clue that you are in need of some emotional healing. Noise & light distract us from our fear& worry while preventing us from a great sleep. If you don’t already know, go to your favorite search engine & type “effects of poor sleep” and find out what you are doing to yourself.
     This is simple, yet quite challenging much of the time. Carry an apple with you at all times. It’s easy to carry, filling, and yummy ;). Don’t allow yourself to become so ravenous that you have to eat whatever comes to you in the next 5minutes because you will set yourself to be primed for highly saturated foods that will put you in a “food coma” & head you right back to depression. Also, avoid filling up on caffeine to avoid calories from a meal. You will mess up your metabolism, ruin your sleep, & increase both anxiety and depression. You know the drill, eat a healthy diet. Not boring, just chemical free & fresh.
     Move that body girl! Move slow, move fast, & move often! A stroll in your favorite scenic path or favorite shopping place. Dance to your favorite jams. Lift a child repetitively. All ways to exercise without telling your body. You will release endorphins and be engaged with people who you enjoy. So important for your well being, I can not emphasize this enough.
     One of my favorites. Another endorphin producer that combats depression, and have you noticed that when you laugh, you can’t worry at the same time? Have a favorite comedy in you movie files, go to YouTube, call the funniest person in your life & ask them about their day. Trust me, works every time.
     Yes, I said it. Alone or with a partner they’re great! For many women this can be tricky if you haven’t become attuned to your body. So, don’t pressure yourself with the thought that you MUST climax or you’re going to be insane. No, relax and just start to stimulate your mind with thoughts of pleasure. Let your imagination take you where you need to go and communicate with your partner if you have one. Women are so fortunate to have a body that can feel pleasure abundantly so feel free to explore your nature. When you are able to be present during pleasure you will increase your satisfaction in other areas as well.
So now that you have the 5 main ingredients, mix & match, add other “spices” for your own spectacular recipe of health, love, & prosperity. Two things to remember: 1- everything in moderation, balance is the goal and 2- don’t underestimate how engaging with positive & happy people will impact your life or how being around complainers will absolutely drain you!
Not only will you benefit from these tips, but so will your loved ones. You deserve to be happy & they deserve to have you happy as well.
Tell us what ingredient is your go-to when stressed, what ingredient you’re neglecting, & if you have experienced a service over at Sacred Roots how was your service aligned with any of these ingredients?
By Adrienne Villegas, MSW
Founder of Healing Radiance
Member of Sacred Roots


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