We be “Green”!!

By Sacred Roots Holistic Healing 7 years ago

go green tooAt Sacred Roots we are committed to being a good example for our clients regarding how to treat and take care of our bodies,  but also in the way that we live our lives on a day to day basis. There really is no difference. Once we start to take care of ourselves in one aspect of our being whether that be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, that will vibrate into the other parts of us. Like our mantra, at Sacred Roots we believe that health is about finding balance in mind, body, and spirit.

Sacred Roots is committed to taking care of our health, that of others, and our environment! That means that not only do we use high quality, organic oils for our massages, recycled toilet and bathroom tissue paper, but we compost, ( and our first batch we are planning to send to Foodscape Long Beach). We recycle, and we make our own natural cleaning products, and the EcoDykes ( a woman owned cleaning company that uses non-toxic, handcrafted, aromatherapeutic cleaning products that are dedicated to creating a better environment for you, your loved ones and the planet.) come and clean our space every month!go green

The way that we take care of our space is very important to us, and we want our clients to know that we are what we “preach”. Oh I forgot to mention that we get our alkaline water from across the street at the Health Tree!

If you get a chance stop on by and check us out!!!

Blessings and In~joy!

Blog written by:

Jenny Ahn

Co-Founder of Sacred Roots


  Sacred Roots
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