The Four Constants To Staying and Getting Out of Pain

By Sacred Roots Holistic Healing 7 years ago

The Four Constants To Staying and Getting Out of Pain.

This blog post is about the Four Constants. They are both simple and profound. Ideas of these constants are adapted from the amazing work of Rossiter, a form of Structural human Integration. It would have been easy to write a blog just on each constant alone, but I didn’t want to make all of you wait to learn about them all. I remind my clients about these four, when they wonder why they have pain. These also bring light to why conventional treatments are not always safe or effective.


If you get a rock in your shoe. Your body will communicate that to you by signaling a pain response. Would you take an Advil? No, you will remove the rock. The same concept works for muscular-skeletal pain. Pain killers and drugs interfere with the body’s pathways, masking information or making you think that the informational pain is not there. It’s very important to allow this communication to be honored and listened to, searching for the root of the problem early on, rather than covering up symptoms that have other negative effects and bigger problems down the road. It is also important to mention here how we communicate to ourselves. Creating a peaceful relationship with our self and creating positive affirmations, limits the stress that is stored and how our body reflects negative affirmations we are programmed to do.


All tissue in the body needs a constant source of food in the form of nutrients and oxygen. Without proper breathing and nutrition, your tissues begin to die or work incorrectly, slowing down the healing and repairing of cells, and the protection against free radical damage from processed foods and chemicals. Without the proper system in place to bring in nutrients and remove waste, your tissues begin to ache and hurt from malnutrition, accumulated waste, and toxins. **In many cases that mysterious chronic shoulder pain or migraine could very well be caused by malnutrition and toxicity.


The third constant is movement, and human bodies were designed to MOVE. If you don’t move an area on a regular basis it will start to deteriorate. Sometimes its not what you did to your body it’s what you didn’t do! On the other end, when you have connective tissue that is overworked from repetitive movement, instead of moving more, people move less. Instead of remaining active, they pull themselves inward and begin embedding tightness in their body. Splints, braces, bed rest, and scar tissue -via surgery, all inhibit or stop natural free movement, keeping the body from healing itself the way it knows how. Other than bones that are broken or tissue that is torn, These restrictive treatments limit your range of motion keeping you from being able to move freely causing stiffness, tension, numbness, pain, and lack of space. Which brings us to our fourth constant.


The body needs “space” to move freely and without pain, stiffness, tightness, or limitation. When your body has appropriate space, it feels good and is pain free because nothing is cramped, tight, compressed, rubbing against bone or joint, pinched, bulging, compressed or pulled. When there is space in the body it feels weightless having slack, rather than tension on the joints and bones from tight restricted tissue weighing it down. Many of conventional treatments- braces, splints, Surgery (creates scar tissue that takes up more space) , cortisone shots, even bed rest- limit space. There are many alternative approaches for regaining space. The answer lies in powerful active stretching with the assistance of a bodyworker, yoga, or effective foam rolling stretches are crucial to return space to the body, regaining your natural state of ease.

When looking for answers and help for those mystery pains and symptoms. Make sure you have all four of these constants balanced for maintaining a happy and pain free life.

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 Kailey Outram

 Advanced Bodywork, Co-founder, Space Giver


  Sacred Roots
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