The Energy of Summer + My Favorite Fruity Summer Drinks

By Sacred Roots Holistic Healing 7 years ago

Summer is here, and with that, the energy of expansion, fruition, self-expression, exploration, dreams coming true.

 Seeds we planted in the wintertime are now plump, ripe, and juicy fruits, ready to be devoured with gratitude + love.

 If we are not liking what we see, if we are feeling stuck, we might ask ourselves how we are responsible for creating our reality.

This can also be the perfect opportunity to blast through a block that may have been holding us back, to take action where there is fear or hesitation, as Mother Nature supports full blossoming into our truest selves this time of year.

 Just as a rose is born to be a rose, and a bird of paradise is born to be a bird of paradise, each of us is born to be who we truly are in this lifetime.

 A rose would not do well trying to be a bird of paradise, but rather to surrender + blossom into its rose-hood.  A rose is a very beautiful thing.

Often we cannot see where we might be stuck, or what might be holding us back from this blossoming.  We have been programmed or conditioned, or we are choosing the same patterns over + over again, that do not serve us anymore.

Perhaps we know what to do, but we are scared to do it.  Or we just need someone to hold us accountable to taking these leaps of Authentic Expression.

 This is where a Life Coach comes in.

 Rather than talking circles in traditional therapy, exploring the past but never moving forward, Life Coaching honors the inner child + the sacred wound, but is always in the conversation of Blossoming.

 How can we move forward from here?  What action, what small “micro-movement,” can I take on this particular dream, intention, vision, or goal?

 One tool that supports our energy + vitality during these hot, passionate months, are fruity summer drinks, made in the blender.

 Just when the months become hot, Mother Nature provides fruits + vegetables that are water-rich, like watermelon, zucchini, cucumber, tomato, and cantaloupe.

 Here are two of my favorite fruity summer drinks:

 Watermelon Fairy Delightsmoothie

 1 small organic seeded watermelon

1 teaspoon spirulina powder

1 Tablespoon raw local honey

(made in the blender)

 Cut green rind off small organic seeded watermelon.

Cut watermelon into big chunks, including white part of rind.

Blend watermelon chunks, seeds and all, with spirulina powder + raw local honey.

 Drink + Enjoy!

This drink will keep you going during a hot summer afternoon + give a delightful playful energy boost!

 Make sure to drink + eat melons on an empty stomach for optimal digestion!

 Peachy Green Dreamgreen smoothie

 2 local peaches/ nectarines

1/ 2 Reed avocado (in season now)

1/ 3 cucumber

2 handfuls lettuce/ spring mix/ dandelion

2 Tablespoons raw local honey

1 teaspoon spirulina powder

filtered or spring water

Cut out all pits/ scoop avocado + put all ingredients into blender.

Fill blender with water to the top of fruit + vegetables.

Blend + enjoy! (Add more sweetness to taste.)

Save the rest in recycled glass jars in the fridge.

 This is a beautiful morning drink!

Blog written by:

Debra Mazer offers One-on-One Holistic Health Coaching (using the language of nutrition + wellness)+ Life Coaching (using the language of our visions + dreams) at Sacred Roots Holistic Healing.  She teaches private + small group Raw/ Vegetarian Recipe Classes upon request.  Her Healthy, Decadent Desserts can be found at Steamed Organic Vegetarian in Long Beach.  She is also available for private Catering for Special Events.  She loves foraging fruits + greens around Long Beach, going for “Treasure Walks,” dancing + Authentic Movement, and singing in the Agape International Choir.  Additionally, she has a special love for summer Festivals.

To set up an appointment with Debra at Sacred Roots Holistic Healing, please call 404-354-8310 or send an email to

Debra is a famous author as well, and her acclaimed ritual guidebook, Open-Eyed Heart-Wide Haggadah, can be found on her website,




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