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Holistic Designer
Stephanie Karlik

Holistic Designer

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Stephanie Karlik is the founder and design anthropologist behind Mizugiri, a business at the intersection of holistic design, feng shui, and cultural anthropology. Consulting individuals and groups on their homes and workspaces, Stephanie helps her clients make their environments into “sacred space.” Her inspirational ideas are nature-inclined, globally-infused, and mindful of others’ life journeys. Through her design, Stephanie brings the joy of intentional living, positive energy, and wellness to her clients.

Stephanie has an M.A. in International Relations from Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan, where she focused on cultural anthropology and a dual B.A. in International Studies and Spanish from Pepperdine University.

In addition to the U.S., Stephanie has resided in Argentina, Spain, Japan, Taiwan, China, Korea, and Indonesia. She speaks Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese, as well as her native English. Her years living in Tokyo, Japan greatly inspires the way she looks at aesthetics, design, and space.

Stephanie now lives in Long Beach, where she enjoys creative writing, being in nature, practicing kung fu and tai chi, and taking travel adventures.

About My Pricing

Services I provide:

Interior design; space planning; intentional design; green design; feng shui; furniture and finishes; Japanese ikebana flower arrangement; space clearing; house blessing


My consultations allow me to understand the needs of individuals, the kind of space they want to inhabit, and the broader context of their lives.

Along with other disciplines, feng shui informs my practice. Feng shui is the art and science of environment. It’s the understanding that chi, life force, is moving through the universe, all living beings, and the spaces we inhabit. By looking at the world through the lens of feng shui, we see how chi flows through our living and work spaces and in turn, how it flows through us.

I focus on making holistic, healing spaces that facilitate life in its most beautiful form. These design changes can help us to manifest the best version of ourselves to the world. My gift is to truly hear, see, and feel individual’s needs and wants, helping people to intentionally bring their inner desires to light in their homes and offices.

In-Person Initial Consultation (Home or Office):

At our initial consultation, I’ll get to know you and your home or work environment. This meeting will help me to create unique ideas that we’ll later implement in your space. I’ll perform a couple of my services on-site including space analysis and “treasure hunting” consulting.

In-Person Second Consultation (Home or Office):

At our second consultation, we’ll discuss any design work we plan to undertake before implementing it. We’ll also talk about the design I’ve specially created for you and your home or office.

In-Person Third Consultation (Home or Office):

At our third consultation, we’ll review our design (post-installment) , and I’ll further beautify the space with natural touches that complement your home.

We’ll perform a special space clearing/ house blessing ritual for clarity, wellness, and abundance in your newly designed home.

Follow-up Consultations (Home or Office):

I’m also available for follow-up consultations. You may want to eventually adjust the design of your space along with the inevitable life changes we all experience. I’m happy to come to you for more discussion, space analysis, seasonal flower arrangement changes, space clearings, house blessings, or any further design consultation.

When is a good time to schedule a design consultation?

When you’re embarking upon a new beginning and want your space to reflect your desired future; when you’re building or moving into a new home or office and want to know if the space satisfies your life vision and future directions; when you’re ready to renovate or redecorate and desire a meaningful, beautiful space that resonates with you; when you want to make changes to your current home or office; when you feel the energy in your home or office isn’t quite right and you want to shift that energy; when you’re in transition and need support; when your life feels stagnant or stuck and you want to move forward; when seeking a feeling of joy, wellness, and abundance; when seeking to create a nourishing, supportive, holistic environment at home or work; or if you simply want a little boost or umph to your current living or work environment!


Please contact me for fees. Sliding scale available.

Sacred Space Class

Offered periodically

In this class, we discuss ancient and global understandings of “space,” including what makes our space sacred. Through the lens of holistic design, you’ll learn how your environment affects you and how to bring health and abundance into your space, including your home and office, through intentional design, flow, and alignment. You’ll also learn how to clear your home or office of unwanted energy and ultimately, how to create beautiful spaces that nurture and inspire you physically, mentally, and spiritually.

We’ll do a space visualization and space clearing ritual that will be something you can immediately apply to your home and workspace.

“Mizugiri Design, a design anthropology business by Stephanie Karlik, provided consultation services for me in September 2014. At the time, I had just ended a long-term relationship and was ready to restructure my living space to mark the beginning of a new life chapter. After an in-depth consultation and walk-through of the space, Stephanie recommended a four-step process, including the elimination of clutter in the living area, the addition of green plants and seasonal flowers to key locations, and a redesign of the bedroom to emphasize balance and openness to fresh possibilities in life and relationships. The implementation of these changes over a period of 3-4 weeks gave me time to reflect and, most importantly, to develop a new perspective on what I was seeking in both my living space and my life. At the conclusion of the process, my space had become a place of serenity and harmony that I looked forward to returning to each day. That very month, I met my current partner.”

-Julia G.

“With Stephanie’s support, we were able to release clutter and focus on keeping the things that truly sparked joy, and it helped us get organized and clear about the intention of how we were using the space. Although we’re still in the midst of implementing Stephanie’s design recommendations, we have already noticed huge shifts within our business! Stephanie is a pleasure to work with, easy going, professional, timely, organized, knowledgeable, and she was able to work within our budget. We look forward to continuing our work relationship with her in the future!”

-Jenny A.