Spring Mindful Communication Online Series | SAT APR 11th

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Spring Mindful Communication Online Series

Asking for what you want | SAT April 11th, 1-4pm

Learning to navigate through our emotions daily is not an easy task. Many of us early on aren’t taught mindful and compassionate communication skills and struggle with articulating and expressing ourselves fully and honestly.  Mindful communication provides the tools necessary to increase our awareness of not only how we speak and communicate with others, but most importantly the way in which we speak to ourselves. Join us in this Spring series and improve your ability for compassionate and authentic connection with yourself and others as well as tools to navigate the emotional body with more awareness and understanding.

Emotional Self Care – Saturday, March 21 1-4pm

Emotional Self Care is an important part of our overall wellness and health and plays a huge role in replenishing our emotional bandwidth. It can increase our self confidence, peace of mind, and how we wish to show up in the world. It encourages our inner strength by increasing our ability to set boundaries, articulate our emotions, ask for what we need,  show up authentically, and strengthen our decision making skills.

Learn How to:

  • Set healthy boundaries
  • Manage our own emotional response 
  • Be able to stay connected to ourselves during conflict 
  • Stay authentic to our own values in difficult situations
  • Identify and take care of our own needs 
  • Reduce overall stress

Asking for What you Want – Saturday, April 11th,  1-4 pm

Do you ever make a request and find it challenging to hear someone say no? Do you avoid being honest because of the fear of rejection only to end up feeling regretful or resentful later? Asking for what you want can be a vulnerable experience. In this workshop, learn skills to make clear requests of others and increase the likelihood of getting your requests met, while maintaining connection and mutual respect and understanding. 

Learn How to: 

  • Hear and express saying ‘NO’
  • Create healthy boundaries 
  • Be with vulnerability 
  • Make requests vs. demands 
  • Show up honestly in friendships, romantic partnerships,and family


$45/per class

$120/ All 3 classes


These classes are based on the principles of Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg and deepen our ability to:

+ Connect to self + others

+ Articulate feelings and thoughts with clarity and purpose

+ Resolve inner conflicts

+ Make peace with ourselves

+ Acknowledge triggers and move through them

+ Forgive + Resolve negativity/resentment

+ Create healthy boundaries for ourselves

+ Listen with compassion

What to expect :

– Interactive partner and group work

– Sacred Space & Confidential learning environment

– Understand your own feelings and needs as well as tuning into others’

– Listen more attentively to others with compassion and empathy

What is Mindful Communication?

Mindful Communication (also known as Nonviolent Communication, compassionate communication or NVC) is a communication method that promotes heart based connection and deep listening. The form is simple, yet powerfully transformative. At its heart, it is a belief that all human beings have the capacity for compassion and empathy and that we only resort to violence or behavior harmful to others when we do not recognize more effective strategies for meeting our needs. Mindful Communication can be used as a tool for many things including conflict resolution, self connection, mending and strengthening relationships at work, home and with friends, and creating a healthy foundation for honest communication.    

About your Hosts: 

Jenny and Rachel have been leading Compassionate Communication courses, workshops, book readings, and practice groups in the Long Beach area since 2015. They are the co-founders of NVC Long Beach; the local chapter for those interested in learning, practicing, and sharing the principles and teachings of Nonviolent Communication.





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