Sacred Mayan Cacao Ceremony SAT JUL 1st, 630-930pm

By healer 7 months ago

Join us as we heal with sacred Mayan Cacao to release what no longer serves us as we align to our Divine Freedom.

Cacao is an elixir for the heart and upper chakra centers. With the help of the sacred plant medicine and Tibetan breath work, we will reconnect with our heart in an experience of auto-healing and self-mastery.

Although the tradition of using cacao in ceremony was temporarily forgotten (it was one of the most popular rituals used from the Mayan to the Aztec cultures,) the Spirit of the Cacao has returned in a most sacred way to gather, heal and celebrate the highest vibrational frequency, which is “Love.”

Our evening of ceremony will consist of:

•Drinking Cacao Elixir

•Guided Meditation

•Tibetan breathing techniques

•Reiki and crystal healing

•432hz crystal bowl sound bath and other sacred sound instruments

Benefits of Mayan Cacao Elixir:

•Increases vitality, focus, concentration and awareness

•Reestablish brain activity

•Liberation of neurotransmitters and hormones directly associated to happiness and love

Benefits of Tibetan breathing technique:

•Release and liberation of emotional and mental blockages

•Detox of the circulatory, endocrine and lymphatic system

•Cellular memory reconstruction

•Boost immune system

•Chakra and DNA activation

•Release and realignment of the energetic body

Workshop Fee:|$55|

What to bring: 

•Yoga mat/pillow



•Wear comfortable clothing

*Recommended not to ingest any food at least 4 hrs prior ceremony.


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