Pregnancy Massage Doula Course

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Explore the physical and emotional benefits of prenatal and postpartum massage at Panacea Holistic Institute. 

Expect to learn, understand, and implement nourishing + compassionate treatments for expectant mothers, provide a grounding experience through touch, create safe, comfortable, highly personalized experiences, and shepherd mamas through a major metamorphosis. 





Where: Panacea Holistic Institute 

2841 Broadway
Long Beach, CA 90803

When: September 28,29, 30th – from 11:45- 2:45 pm 

Why: Massage during pregnancy can lead to greater synchronicity between the mind and rapidly changing body. Through touch, our therapists facilitate insight surrounding these changes and more importantly, acceptance, leading to better self care overall. Massage can ease muscle aches, nerve pain and reduce swelling for mothers experiencing fatigue, hip pain, upper and lower back pain, cramps and more. Massage also promotes better sleeping patterns and increases relaxation. Perfecting a compassionate, skillful touch to implement during pregnancy is a powerful way to ensure connection to others, connection to ourselves, and connection to life itself!

Requirements: Must be Certified Massage Therapist (CMT)


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