Power of the Will

By Sacred Roots Holistic Healing 7 years ago

will is power

You have the power to control your state/vibration at will. At any moment you can shift to a higher more positive vibration. It does not matter what outside circumstances are going on. It does not matter if there is a full moon or if mercury is in retrograde. You are not an animal or lower life form who is swayed by the energy of the planets.You are not like the wolf who responds to the moon. Yes the earth’s vibration is rising and people are waking up because of it; But even when the planet was at its most dense state, Jesus and the Buddha proved that with the will you can reach the highest sates/vibrations if you intend to do so. With your intention and will anything is possible. Free choice of using the will is the difference between the lower/other life forms and the human here on earth.
Many have been concentrating only on the female energies of creativity, imagination,etc.. but have been ignoring the male energies of power, strength, boldness, decision etc…. Every human must balance both within. These times has nothing to do with physical male and female. It is all internal. Then spirituality will be realized as a capability of living life to the fullest and not a disability as some see it. Then you will control your state at will.
Cuauhtemoc Delgado

  Sacred Roots
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