Morning Kundalini Yoga Class: Mon + Wed 8am

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Classes held regularly: Monday and Wednesdays at 8-9am.

Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is an ancient spiritual technology and is known as the Yoga of Awareness. It is a complete technological system utilizing ancient yogic postures, breathwork, and meditation to quickly induce states of heightened awareness, higher consciousness, happiness, and contentment.

“What is kundalini? It is the whole energy of the cosmos in the individual and beyond the individual. It is the energy of consciousness. Without the constant flow of that energy, you could not live. With a large flow, your mind begins to flow and awaken. You stop living in imaginary realities and become very dutiful to the tasks and joys of life. You experience it when the energy of the glandular system combines with the nervous system to create such sensitivity that the brain in its totality receives signals and integrates them. A new clarity accompanies your perception, thought, and intuition. Normally you use a small portion of the brain’s potential. When kundalini awakens, one understands the effect and impact of an action at the beginning of a sequence of action and reaction. He has the choice to take an action or not. In other words, a person becomes totally and wholly aware. That is why it is called ‘the yoga of the awareness.” – Yogi Bhajan

Each Kundalini Yoga class consists of warm-up exercises, a kriya (a series of postures, breath, and sound that work towards a specific outcome), deep relaxation, and a meditation.

If you have one, please bring a yoga mat, blanket, and bolster to sit on. This class is donation-based, with a suggested donation of $11-15. However, no one will be turned away due to lack of funds. Please come as you are!

Class led by Randy Ueda

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