July Astrology: Looking up to see Within

By Sacred Roots Holistic Healing 7 years ago

Looking up to see within

The July skies ask us to take it all in and check it all our. Healing opportunities come to us via many sacred routes. If life is to be a school of the soul, let astrology be a guidance counselor, showing ways to deal with the teachers ( planets) and the courses ( cycles and relationships between them and the starts) to our best advantage.

finding peace

This month offers fluidity and flow, especially in areas where we have previously encountered resistance. As July begins, we have both Saturn and Mercury retrograde asking us to find the discipline to turn our dialogue inwards and re evaluate where we wish to journey and then release the pinchers or to be released, freeing ourselves of that which no longer serves or feeds our souls. We can then begin to move even if not straight forward. Our chosen direction may seem odd to those around us. Who cares! We may not be following a worn path, but trust in the destination.

We are experiencing a configuration called a grand trine in the element of water. This creates an atmosphere of harmony and unique ease between Saturn, Neptune, and Jupiter. Discipline meets intuition meets expansion. Now’s the time to put your creative ideas and plans out there. Be open to support that comes easily and from unexpected sources. By week 3 of July, the warrior planet Mars joins benevolent Jupiter making it easier to overcome self-doubt and go ahead with confidence.

The month of July offers it’s gold in the benefits of blending unusual combinations and trusting that the mix will not only work, but work well. Start the month in reevaluation and form your plan. No need to shout it out at first. Then make a move using your inner guidance. Be open to support where you least expect it. Trust the outcome. Stand back and let it happen.

Thank you for reading and thank you to all the wonderful practitioners at Sacred Roots-We Love You!

Until next time, under the stars

Shannon Leydon

Shannon Leydon manages Beach Health Tree at 305 Redondo Ave. She has a B.A. in linguistics and finds it funny that her favorite language to interpret wasn’t taught at university. For in-depth chart interpretation, you can reach her at shannonagain2@gmail.com

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