Thriving with Community

Internship and Volunteering at Sacred Roots

Do you need hours for school? Are you interested in seva/service?

Do you want to learn more about working in a holistic healing environment?

We are looking for people who would like to dedicate their time and energy to cultivating community at Sacred Roots.  Immerse yourself in the holistic healing field and work with conscious-minded folks interested in the health and upliftment of all beings.

Internship + Volunteering
can include :

Marketing, Administrative Tasks,
Meet & Greet, Sauna Assistant,
Assisting with workshops, General chores,
Special Events set up, Etc.

Massage Therapy Internships

Do you need hours for massage school internship?

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We’d love to support and guide you on your holistic healing journey ahead!

Thriving with Community Intern and Volunterr at Sacred Roots

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Intern + Volunteer at Sacred Roots

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