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    We offer services including Therapeutic Massage, Chiropractic, Ayurveda, Acupuncture, Counseling and a variety of Energetic Healing.
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We Are

Sacred Roots brings awareness to self transformation & empowers you to take well-being into your own hands.

We offer

Therapeutic Massage, Ayurveda, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Counseling and a variety of Energetic Healing modalities. View our full list of practitioners & read about their unique offerings.

We Host

Conscious Minded Workshops and Weekly Events for our Community. Click here to view our full list of current events.

Join Our Weekly Events

Third Saturdays 11am- 3pm

Community Healing Clinic
with Sacred Roots members

Every Thursday 7pm-9pm Meditation with Cayce Howe

Third Fridays, 7:30pm Sound Healing Explorations: Group Toning & Tibetan Bowl Music Meditation with Lynda Arnold

Second Saturdays 7-8:30pm Healing Sound and Acupuncture Lynda Arnold and Denise Estrada.

Every Sunday 10am Dharma Talk + Meditation with Cayce Howe

Cultivating Liberty w/ Dr. Arezou Ghane SAT NOV 5, 9-12am

September 8, 2016
In this workshop, we will explore the personal narratives that confine us and learn strategies for mental and emotional liberty. This workshop will combine a psychoeducational presentation, guided meditation, and creative movement sequences crafted to embody the psychological state of liberty. To maximize the benefits of this workshop, you will be asked for your active participation, so please come with an open mind and heart!” To register: www.auterhealthandwellness.com Fe: $45

Creating Soul Space: A 2-Part Conscious Interior Design Class TUES OCT 11 + 18

September 8, 2016
Creating Soul Space: A 2-Part Conscious Interior Design Class TUES OCT 11 + 18, 7-9pm In this two-part class series, we’ll discuss how to create “soul space,” a living space just for you that’s inspiring physically, mentally, and spiritually. Through the lens of anthropology and environmental psychology, you’ll learn how and why your environment affects you, how to clear your home of unwanted energy, how to bring health and abundance into your space through intentional design, flow, and alignment, and ultimately, how to uplift and elevate your space to be a truly heartwarming oasis for you. The first class in this two-part series will focus on assessing and releasing in your space. We’ll perform a space clearing ritual together that you’ll be able to repeat at home. The second class will focus on elevating and celebrating in your space. We’ll chat and discuss exciting design topics over tea in a loose-form class each week. This class is welcome to all. Attendees may attend one class for $25 or both at a discounted rate of $40. RSVP required. Contact Stephanie for more info and to RSVP at: www.mizugiri.com About Stephanie: Stephanie Tsai Karlik is the founder and designer behind Mizugiri. An avid global traveler and linguist, Stephanie spent 10 years overseas (Japan, Taiwan, China, Korea, Indonesia, Argentina, Spain). Along with receiving her M.A. in international relations in Tokyo, specializing in cultural anthropology, Stephanie delved into Japanese design and ikebana. She speaks Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Bahasa Indonesia, and Spanish. Returning to America, Stephanie brought her anthropological training, global travel experience, eye for beauty, and innovative ideas home. She is now honored to do what she loves most, helping others realize their dreams by creating holistically beautiful spaces. Alongside this practice, Stephanie writes regularly on the subject of design anthropology, examining design from various academic perspectives. Stephanie currently lives in Southern California where she enjoys creative writing, dancing tango, practicing kung fu, cooking for friends, continuing to learn languages, and taking travel adventures.

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Depression WED OCT 19, 7pm

August 2, 2016
When: Oct 19 (Wed) – Dec 7 (Wed), 7:00pm – 9:00pm (8 weeks) Led by Wendy Block MBCT (Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy) is based on the MBSR program developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn. The MBCT program is designed specifically for people who suffer from depressed mood and was created to help prevent relapse into depression. In this program, you’ll learn how to use different skills: cognitive therapy can teach you how to be aware of distortions in thinking, and mindfulness can teach you how to ground into the present moment and see your thought and feelings as simply mental events in the mind that come and go. Rather than trying to change or eliminate difficult mental experiences, MBCT teaches you how to develop a whole different understanding of and relationship to your thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations. When you know how to change your relationship to negative thoughts or unpleasant experiences, they become much easier to handle, reducing the negative cycle that too often leads to relapse. You may find you are less stressed, less reactive, and are even enjoying life more! The MBCT course consists of eight weekly 2 hour classes, and a half-day meditation retreat. Sessions consist generally of guided mindfulness meditation, in-class exercises, gentle yoga, and discussion. There are also practices and homework assignments that participants complete during the days between sessions. The structure of MBCT requires strong commitment to doing the homework, but the rewards can be lasting. The latest research proves that MBCT can be as effective as prescription drugs in preventing relapse, and more effective in enhancing your quality of life. The study also showed MBCT to help people with a history of depression stay well in the longer term. If you are interested please contact us at the above teacher contact link to schedule a brief initial phone consultation with the teachers to see if this group is a good fit for you. Please Note: There will be a half-daylong retreat on Saturday, December 3rd from 9:30am to 1:30pm. Recommended reading: We will have optional readings each week in “The Mindful Way through Depression” by Williams, Teasdale, Segal, Kabat-Zinn and “Full Catastrophe Living” by Jon Kabat-Zinn. To purchase a copy of these books, please check out Amazon.com. (Your purchase supports InsightLA.) COST: HOUSEHOLD INCOME PRICE $60,000 or greater $600 $59,000 – $45,000 $525 $45,000 or under $450   Enrollment Limit: 20 | There are still openings for this program. Items to Bring: A notepad and a yoga mat if you have one. Also, wear comfortable clothes, and bring a blanket and socks if you are sensitive to the cold. Contact Information: 310-450-1821 or click on this link to register

Women’s New Moon Circle SUN OCT 30, 6-730pm

March 15, 2016
  In this all Women New moon Healing ceremony, we will gather as our ancestors did to honor our guides, ourselves, mother nature and Great Spirit in the beautiful Sacred Roots Holistic Healing Center in Long Beach. The New Moon is a time to plant the seeds we want to grow. The intentions we set on the new moon will grow and expand with the waxing energy as it builds into a full moon and illuminates what we need to bring our attention to or release. By combining our intentions with sound healing, we create the space within ourselves to bring these seeds to fruition. We will create a ceremonial circle to share our new moon intentions and infuse them into an item to take home for ritual. Afterwards,we will take a healing sound journey with crystal bowls, drum, rattle, Indian Shruti and ancient medicine songs to open our hearts to all the infinite possibilities and release stuck and stagnant energy that is no longer serving us. Listen to your heart calling you back to yourself and join me for some new moon magic! Please feel free to contact me with any questions xo $35 self investment Due to limited space, RSVP is required through purchasing a ticket at www.BrookAlbrigoHealing.com (events) About me- I am a Shamanic Reiki Healer that has been on this path treating others since 2011. I received my healing training from Deborah Hanekamp of www.Unityessences.com in NYC and have traveled to central and South America studying with different traditional healers and song carriers. I believe we all carry the ability to heal ourselves and by healing ourselves, we heal one another, our ancestors and the Mother Earth. Please visit my website to read more about my path as a healer and what I do!

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