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We operate our sacred space as a collective. Connect with event hosts and practitioners directly for booking & schedule inquiries. Our administrative office is open Monday through Thursday from 10 am to 3 pm.

Every Sunday 10am Dharma Talk + Meditation with Cayce Howe, and Wendy Block Insight LA

First Saturdays, 7:30-9:30 pm Sound Healing with Lynda Arnold

Full Moon Circle with Brook Albrigo

New Moon with Brook Albrigo

October 29, 2020

Bodywork & Healing Arts

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This 7 month training is designed to heal, power, and serve all Earthlings

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Fourth Friday Sound – Restore, Relax, Recharge

October 13, 2020
Please join us for a beautiful evening to Restore, Relax and Recharge.  Our Sound Bath will be led by Biba Millstein who has been offering Sound Baths in the Long Beach area for the past year.  The evening will open with a relaxing meditation and visualization, followed by a sound bath led by Biba.  If you would like to upgrade the experience, we are offering foot massages by the incredible students of the Panacea Health Institute and you can also purchase a vegan meal to enjoy outside after the experience.   This center is a beautiful space for optimal healing.  Please note, each participant will have their own bed/cot that has been sanitized and everyone will be at least 6 feet apart for the sound bath.    Thank you and we look forward to seeing you there!  – Biba & The Sacred Roots Holistic Healing Center 

First Friday Sound Sanctuary with Sopurkh

October 11, 2020
FIRST FRIDAY’S SOUND SANCTUARY: This Sound Sanctuary is a space for surrender. We create a quantum soundweave that supports us as we cut through psychic and somatic debris to open spaces of movement and creativity / Nourishing waves of sound attune energetic constellations for optimal regeneration. Enhances realms of meditation, sleep and dream. Gong is an oracle of sound creating optimal frequency for the flow of life. Tantric diagonal force cuts through psychic and somatic debris to open spaces of movement and creativity / Nourishing waves of sound attune energetic constellations for optimal regeneration. Enhances realms of meditation, sleep and dream.

Sound + Meditate = Heal with Lynda Arnold

September 30, 2020
SOUND + MEDITATION = HEALING Join Lynda Arnold aka Divasonic for a relaxation and expanding Vocal Toning and Sound Meditation at Sacred Roots Holistic Healing on 2nd Fridays beginning September 11, 2020. Sound Meditation combines the benefits of mindfulness meditation with focused and contemplative listening. As you relax deeply listening to the various sounds from Himalayan Bowls, Gong, Flutes, Voice, Drums, Chimes and more, you activate the healing and restorative mechanisms of the body.  Come clear your mind and allow your body some much needed time to recharge. Nourishment is key during these challenging times! Sessions begin with a vocal toning meditation.  We will use our voices for guided breath release and toning vowel, mantra or seed sounds.  Using the voice as an introduction to the sound meditation allows you to drop in quickly into the moment and move energy with your own sounding vibrations. After activating the life force energy in our bodies through the use of our voices, you are invited to drop into the deep listening session with the masterful playing and sonic toolset of Lynda Arnold. These sessions are limited to 10 people max and follow strict COVID safety protocols.  Add a vegan meal from Under the Sun and/or a foot massage to your experience! More information about Lynda: www.divasonic.com 510.469.6295

Sacred Sound Healing >> Third Fridays

September 29, 2020
Welcome to Sacred Sound Healing ! Self Care is more important than ever. We will be creating a space of healing for your mind, body, and spirit. Nourishing and allowing your subtle energies to re-align. Sounds created by sacred traditional instruments.

Panacea Student Massage Clinic

September 18, 2020
Happening Every Thursday and rotating weekend dates. Email us at studentclinicphi@gmail.com to reserve and appointment

Pregnancy Massage Doula Course

September 15, 2020
Explore the physical and emotional benefits of prenatal and postpartum massage at Panacea Holistic Institute.  Expect to learn, understand, and implement nourishing + compassionate treatments for expectant mothers, provide a grounding experience through touch, create safe, comfortable, highly personalized experiences, and shepherd mamas through a major metamorphosis.        Where: Panacea Holistic Institute  2841 Broadway Long Beach, CA 90803 When: September 28,29, 30th – from 11:45- 2:45 pm  Why: Massage during pregnancy can lead to greater synchronicity between the mind and rapidly changing body. Through touch, our therapists facilitate insight surrounding these changes and more importantly, acceptance, leading to better self care overall. Massage can ease muscle aches, nerve pain and reduce swelling for mothers experiencing fatigue, hip pain, upper and lower back pain, cramps and more. Massage also promotes better sleeping patterns and increases relaxation. Perfecting a compassionate, skillful touch to implement during pregnancy is a powerful way to ensure connection to others, connection to ourselves, and connection to life itself! Requirements: Must be Certified Massage Therapist (CMT)

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