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We operate our sacred space as a collective. Connect with event hosts and practitioners directly for booking & schedule inquiries. Our administrative office is open Monday through Thursday from 10 am to 3 pm.

Every Sunday 10am Dharma Talk + Meditation with Cayce Howe, and Wendy Block Insight LA

Every Friday : Evening Sound Bath Retreat with Rotating Hosts, Panacea Holistic Institute + Under the Sun Vegan Cuisine

Self Care Membership with Signature Massage Therapists, Infrared Sauna, self care coaching : Available now!

January 22, 2021
January 24, 2021

Bodywork & Healing Arts

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This 7 month training is designed to heal, power, and serve all Earthlings

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Self Care Membership

December 18, 2020
    Relieve stress with our Signature Massage Therapy sessions, offering Lavender Relaxation or Orange Blossom Rejuvenation. Our Signature Therapists will tailor the session to your body’s unique needs.   With your road map to self care you will experience: 12 X 60 minute Signature Massage Sessions (SMT) 4 X 30 minute Infrared Sauna Sessions a physical copy of the “Sacred Self Care Exploration Guide” book written by Sacred Roots founding mothers. Quarterly Self Care Consultants  

Meditation Instructor Training || Feb 2021 – July 2021 || Virtual

December 15, 2020
Feb- July, 2021 Mission Statement : In today’s contemporary offerings of meditation and meditation training there are several different flavors. We are of the Dharma flavor; meaning we hold the sincere desire to liberate oneself and others through inner practices and we believe that meditation is a viable tool to do so. It also means we have been taught and will teach the system(s) in which meditation is a part of; the way it has been taught for centuries.   Our intention is to hold firm the integrity of the long standing traditions that have been here before us Including our personal teachers and lineages.  By building this new community of knowledgeable experienced practitioners to disseminate further these teachings, we envision all beings without exception finding their innate joy of being and freedom from suffering.   In Service,  M.I.T. Teacher Staff “Starting the MIT class I wanted to be a teacher, finishing the class I knew I was a student for life. “ Who is this training for? This 180 day training program is designed for those with a meditation background who wish to deepen their understanding with the intention to effectively share this modality with others. What you will learn: • In depth view, study and practice of fundamental meditation elements • Ethics and guidelines • How meditation is taught in different traditions • How to teach meditation in a variety of environments, including corporate, medical, workshops and retreats • Specific examples of full length mindfulness courses • Working with group dynamics • Trauma informed techniques • The role of meditation when taught alongside other therapeutics modalities including yoga, talk therapy, and mental health • What to expect as a meditation Instructor? Advice on marketing, sales, pricing etc. • and LOTS  more Commitment  • The course will require roughly 4-5 hours of weekly commitment including meditations, reading and study • Daily meditation practice • Upkeep of meditation log and journal • Attendance to the monthly Saturday all day classes • Attendance of monthly virtual group sessions Optional  • Pier group monthly get togethers • Highly recommended (but not mandatory) 5 night silent Joshua Tree Retreat the first week of January 2021 About Our Teachers Cayce Howe is a Senior Meditation teacher for InsightLA and is an authorized teacher in the Theravada Buddhist lineage. Cayce’s meditation path started over 25 years ago and includes nearly 6 years of living and working at meditation retreat centers. He has studied and practiced in a variety of traditions and draws from many different lineages in his teachings. Currently, Cayce teaches meditation at two mental health facilities in Southern California. He is a founding teacher for the InsightLA Long Beach branch, where he regularly teaches Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Mindful Self Compassion, and other mindfulness and meditation offerings. Cayce is the Sacred Roots Resident Meditation Instructor and has been for 6 years. He currently leads workshops, retreats and offers one-to-one mentorship. IG: @caycehowe …….. Scott Tusa is a Buddhist teacher based in Brooklyn, New York. Ordained by

Pregnancy Massage Doula Course

December 15, 2020
Explore the physical and emotional benefits of prenatal and postpartum massage at Panacea Holistic Institute.  Expect to learn, understand, and implement nourishing + compassionate treatments for expectant mothers, provide a grounding experience through touch, create safe, comfortable, highly personalized experiences, and shepherd mamas through a major metamorphosis.        Where: Panacea Holistic Institute  2841 Broadway Long Beach, CA 90803 When: September 28,29, 30th – from 11:45- 2:45 pm  Why: Massage during pregnancy can lead to greater synchronicity between the mind and rapidly changing body. Through touch, our therapists facilitate insight surrounding these changes and more importantly, acceptance, leading to better self care overall. Massage can ease muscle aches, nerve pain and reduce swelling for mothers experiencing fatigue, hip pain, upper and lower back pain, cramps and more. Massage also promotes better sleeping patterns and increases relaxation. Perfecting a compassionate, skillful touch to implement during pregnancy is a powerful way to ensure connection to others, connection to ourselves, and connection to life itself! Requirements: Must be Certified Massage Therapist (CMT)

Fruition Friday with Charlie Briggs #thirdfriday

December 14, 2020
Self Care is more important than ever. We will be creating a space of healing for your mind, body, and spirit. Nourishing and allowing your subtle energies to re-align. Sounds created by sacred traditional instruments.

Forgiveness: The Art of Letting go + Resolving Resentment

November 27, 2020
Fall Mindful Communication Workshop Series  Building Emotional Resilience using Nonviolent Communication Join us this fall for our Mindful Communication Class Series; a monthly workshop series with Jenny Ahn and Rachel Bennish exploring personal and interpersonal relationships . You will be guided through heart based practices using Nonviolent Communication to support emotional wellness, gain skills to positively shift how you communicate with yourself and others, and to improve your ability for empathic and authentic connection. Forgiveness: The Art of Letting Go and Resolving Resentment Sunday, December 6th, 2 -5 pm   In this session, learn about the power of forgiveness, letting go, resolving resentment, and how to re-establish understanding and connection when there has been a break in a relationship. Saying I’m sorry or letting someone know they hurt us can be difficult. It means we have to be vulnerable and admit there may have been something we did to another that impacted the relationship. Or perhaps there was something the other person did that left us feeling hurt or angry. Sometimes, we are the ones hoping for an apology and at other times we must learn to forgive another or ourselves. Join us on Sunday, December 6 to explore the topic of forgiveness within your personal and interpersonal relationships using the tools of NVC (Nonviolent Communication). You will be guided through heart based practices to support your emotional wellness, gain skills to positively shift how you communicate with yourself and others, and improve your ability for empathic and authentic connection. Exchange: $45/per class These classes will strengthen your ability to: + Regulate your emotional responses during stressful situations + Develop emotional intimacy + Set boundaries with clarity and intention + Identify and articulate your feelings and needs + Resolve inner and outer conflicts + Engage in difficult and challenging conversations + Acknowledge triggers and move through them + Forgive + Resolve negativity/resentment + Empower yourself to work through your own pain and suffering with ease and self compassion. + Have more compassion and understanding for other’s pain and suffering What to expect in the workshops: – Interactive partner and group work – Sacred Space & Confidential learning environment – Live Virtual Online Workshop (no recordings available) – No Refunds after sign up

Fourth Friday Sound – Restore, Relax, Recharge

October 13, 2020
Please join us for a beautiful evening to Restore, Relax and Recharge.  Our Sound Bath will be led by Biba Millstein who has been offering Sound Baths in the Long Beach area for the past year.  The evening will open with a relaxing meditation and visualization, followed by a sound bath led by Biba.  If you would like to upgrade the experience, we are offering foot massages by the incredible students of the Panacea Health Institute and you can also purchase a vegan meal to enjoy outside after the experience.   This center is a beautiful space for optimal healing.  Please note, each participant will have their own bed/cot that has been sanitized and everyone will be at least 6 feet apart for the sound bath.    Thank you and we look forward to seeing you there!  – Biba & The Sacred Roots Holistic Healing Center 

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